Monday, June 29, 2015

ICAD week 4

Hard to believe we are already 28 days into the Index-Card-a-Day challenge.
So far, all of my cards have been dominated by paint.  Loose and messy, with shadows and drips.  I wonder if I will continue in this style next month.
I kind of like having a cohesive body of work, but I don't want to be stuck in a rut either.

I recently pulled out my old dictionary and a bunch of pressed leaves fell out.

Do you think Al Gore drives a Civic and dropped his key tag at my local Stop & Shop?

Or not...

Do you post your work on-line?  Do you feel your work looks better in real life or on the screen?  I often like my on-line images better than the actual piece.
These next few are the opposite.  I like them way better when I hold them in my hand.

As soon as I added the photograph to this next card I began dreaming of a whole series using photographs.  Good thing there are still 32 days left in this challenge.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Carla Sonheim's cat class

So even though I felt like I was too busy to breathe, I impulsively signed up for this class from Carla Sonheim.

Assignment #2 involved turning blobs of watercolor into cats.
I have become completely obsessed with making these.
Bordering on bat-shit crazy obsessed.
I have given up sleeping in the interest of making more and more blob cats.
When I am forced to do something else, I am drawing cats in my mind.
You may think we're having a conversation.
We're not.
You're talking and I'm drawing cats.
I can't even manage to cull my blob collection.
I was only going to show you my favorites.
Apparently I have 33 (out of 35) favorites.
Not only do I keep making more, I keep going back to these and adding a bit more detail.
Some of them really need captions. I can tell I'm not done with this.
Not by a long shot.