Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two cool things

While I'm busy composing artful blog posts in my head, I'm taking a moment to share two things you might like.

Cool thing #1:
Shannon is hosting her awesome post card swap again.
I participated in the first 2 and really enjoyed them.
Sign up by January 11th.
Mail your cards by February 8th.
Click the icon for the details.

Cool Thing #2
Derrick, at "I Still Write" is giving away some lovely stationary for you letter writers out there.
You need to send him a letter to enter, and he must get it by December 24th.
He is a faithful correspondent, frequent host of cool giveaways, and all around good guy.
Click the picture to learn more.


  1. oh yes, very cool - I'm now following Derrick - thanks Karen!

  2. Two cool things indeed. xox

  3. I'm signed up for Shannon's. Now I'm going to go see Derrick's.