Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rainy day sillies

Today's rainy vacation day was a good excuse to work on some pages in my collaborative round-robin art journal.

I started this book in July 2014 and it passed through the talented hands of Mandy, Gina, Lynn and Carroll before coming back to me.  We all had such fun with this project we decided to send the same books around the circle one more time.  (You can see the start of my book here.)

Here's what I accomplished this morning.

Kinda wish it would rain again tomorrow...

Friday, August 7, 2015

vacation art

At first I wasn't going to bring any art supplies.
My notes from last year's vacation said "didn't do much art other than ICAD" and since the 2015 ICAD challenge was over before this year's vacation even started, I thought I'd free up some room in the car by leaving my gear at home.

But then I thought "I could just bring one bag...." and I started to pack.  I'll need some markers, and acrylic paint of course.  And glue sticks and scissors and a brayer.  Some colored pencils might be nice.  And my little pan of water colors.  Don't forget the brushes!  Better get a bigger bag.  A stamp pad and stamps are essential, and I wouldn't want to leave home without my x-acto knife, ruler and cutting mat.  This bag's getting pretty crowded and I haven't even added my sketchbooks or collage ephemera...

Ultimately I managed to squeeze most of my studio into a single bag and we'll just ignore the fact that the bag was the size of a Buick.

Anyway - I also packed a few dozen postcard bases that I had started at home last week.  Day one on the lake I unpacked and got down to business.
Here are the fruits of this particular creative burst.
All approximately 4"x6" on watercolor paper.

And to think I still have 8 more days of vacation.