Monday, January 7, 2013

365 collages in 2013

I'm making 365 collages this year!

When Hanna announced her plan to make 365 collages this year and invited others to play along, I couldn't resist the challenge.  Collage is something I really want to dig deeper into this year, and I think this challenge will overlap nicely with several of my other wishes for the year.

With collage as my focus and intention, I can also 
  • keep up with my mail art correspondence
  • work in my many journals
  • create book covers
  • participate in more swaps with my cut and paste group, and the super mailartists
  • work on more complex pieces over longer periods of time
 I like Hanna's goal of completing 7 per week (rather than framing it as one per day).
This is very much in keeping with the way I work best.
Even though I typically do something creative every day, I don't want this to become a chore (as in "I can't go to bed until I've made today's  #%&! collage")
But when the collage spirit moves, I tend to make a bunch in a row.

Case in point:  I needed to create one monochromatic yellow card for a swap, but when all my yellowy tidbits were collected, I made three in a row.

And when I picked up my Paper Swap junk journal after a long absence, I didn't stop until I'd covered four pages.

 I think a single large collage could be my next 40-day creativity experiment, but I can also keep working on my five minute collages.
The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Interested in the challenge?
It doesn't have to be 365 collages.
It can be anything.
See?  Hanna even made a badge for you!
Click on it to read more.
Link button to 365 creations in 2013

So what will you be creating this year?


  1. I love making collages -- my favorite thing lately. Funny tho, I tend to work best on my own - every time I officially sign up for something I don't want to do it....we Aries are kind of annoying like that...or at least I am...but I will absolutely be making collages right along with you all year....have fun!

  2. I will think about the 365 collage...right now I'm still recovering from Christmas and setting up my studio. not feeling very creative. Your yellow collage turned out well..little bits of sunshine!

  3. This is a great challenge. I've been enjoying my 365 Days of Creativity project I started March 1. I may start a new challenge when that ends.

  4. These are fab-u-lous collages - a great start to your year long challenge. Your idea of using collage to enter a variety of challenges is perfect - and I agree! In fact you'll be getting 4 MMSA cards soon :) Happy collaging!

  5. You and Terrie are making it so hard to ignore this challenge!! Love what you've made so far! xx

  6. Karen, love your collages and so glad you're joining! I feel empowered by your post, and it's so cool that you're thinking that the 7-in-a-week approach is for you too! Yay!

  7. Nice work Karen, the yellow pieces really are quite wonderful, sunny and complex. I like that vintage paper piece as well. You will have fun with Hanna this year. xox

  8. Okay, laff if you must, but I almost cried when I finished reading this. I weep for the days when I had time to do this! But then I wept for the fact that I can do this if I want to! SO!! shut up!

    In other news, can we do the collages in a journal? My goal this year was to complete a journal, page one to page last. I guess I'll go over to Hanna's and hear all the details right from Smilla's mouth.

    p.s. i was kidding about the shut up part.

  9. Wow,Karen, I admire your determination and drive. I'm excited to see all your wonderful work. BTW, thanks for the encouraging words about the studio mess! I got in there this afternoon and actually emptied out 3 boxes and found a piece of the floor...

  10. Yay! I was sad that I was letting go of my numbering system for individual mailart this year, but now I'll get to number collages I'll be making! Yahoo! My start might be kinda slow, as I'm about to embark soon on vacation, but plan on getting started on a few, including your Blues for the new year. Catching up will be even MORE fun! THanks for sharing this!!!!

  11. Hi. I have a question.

    I don't do collages, usually. I don't know much about the rules of collages. I'm working my way to 365 collages. My question is: can collage incorporate pen work? I don't know if that's allowed. I'm challenging myself to work only with ephemera. And I think that's what collage is. Let me know. Bye