Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It all started with an index card back in July.
That mysterious unnamed (but righteous) animal, perched on his funky green chair.
Innocent enough, yes?

But it didn't stop there.
More strange critters found there way into empty seats in September.  There may even have been a Stoat in a chair at one point.

One would think I would have it out of my system.
One would be wrong.

I can't take all the blame.
Mandy egged me on by hosting an "Animals in Chairs" swap in October.  Hence the sloth and squirrel cards pictured below.

Still, there's really no excuse for the next two:

Will it ever end?
Never fear, dear readers, there's relief in sight.
The chair section of this particular furniture catalog is nearly depleted.

Though there is the entire untouched "bed" section....


  1. Capibarra, love those huge rodents.......funny stuff. xox

  2. Oh wow - You have to know that I LOVE this... They are fantastic!!!
    You are so great :)

  3. Hmmm, the bed section could make things REALLY interesting!

  4. I agree with every single comment above :D.
    Looking forward to "Animals in Bed," although it Could get Racy!!
    Here's to you... Hiccup!

  5. HA and HA! :) I have catalogs, I have animal pics, I apparently have no imagination cuz I never thought of putting a stoat on a chair w/ a bottle.....

  6. oh, say what you will, but that employee card is priceless. I don't even know what that is. A capybara? a guinea pig? a walrus? I love that thing, do administrative assisting.

    And, I don't know, Skip? Are you kidding? I let out this loud laugh-burp! It was a sound everyone but dogs heard, and didn't like. But that squirrel! I think it's a squirrel. Maybe it's a ferret.

    Great idea. Ready for the bed series.

  7. This just made me laugh so hard!! Thank you!