Thursday, March 6, 2014

chocolate is inspiring

You never know where you'll find inspiration.

I had a block of time this week and I knew I wanted to do some gelatin printing and use the prints to collage a quick series of postcards.
All I could picture were the black and blue postcards I made in January, which I loved, but I didn't want to repeat myself. I wanted to do something similar, but in a different color palette.
Yet it was like no other colors existed in the universe. 

I had the time and the desire, but no new ideas.
Not even my go-to colors of orange and turquoise were doing it for  me.

I looked down into my scrap basket, and there was a wrapper from a candy bar Gina sent me last month (which I shared with Mandy on the plane to San Francisco, and then proceeded to carry the wrapper around with me for the next 10 days because heaven forbid one throw away such beautiful collage fodder.)
Little did I know how useful it would be.

These are not colors I use.  
And I certainly never use them together.
But there they were beckoning to me through my barren wasteland of lost inspiration, so out came the purple/brown/yellow paints.

Here's the resulting series of cards:

(stupid wrinkle!  I've got a terrible glue shortage in my house right now and I resorted to mod podge. UGH!) (if you don't mind profanity and want to pee your pants laughing, go read Lynn's Late Night Rant About Glue.)

I kind of feel like some of them aren't done.
Some need a focal point.  Or the elements need to be better integrated with each other.  Or they need more irreverent text.
On the other hand this was intended to be a quick series, not a "sit around for weeks while I wring my hands" series.
So maybe they are done after all.

I think the answer will become clear after some more chocolate.


  1. I would never have thought of those colors together, the collages turned out amazing, and I like all of them

  2. hahahaha! MORE Chocolate!!! Absolutely fabulous. I am often inspired by the chocolate itself and all its dressings (beautiful color foils wrapping the bars often are in my collages :D). You know what a pie hole is. The fourth from the last is "Chocolate Hole!" or "Insert Chocolate Here!" or…. (you get the idea) thanks for the beautiful images with these beautiful colors (I'm wearing two of them right now!). Such a nice treat after not getting online for days!

  3. Wow! quite a lot of inspiration from one bar of chocolate. You got your moneys worth, sister. LOL

  4. It's so interesting how certain colors call some people and not others. And ugh, mod podge. I even bought the paper one once, and it barely sticks. I just dumped our gelatin plates after two weeks of much experimenting. My 9yo made me promise to make them again. :-)

  5. More chocolate is always a good idea.....the colors/cards look pretty darn good to me!

  6. That's a great color combo but I never would have come up with it on my own. Thank god for candy bars and friends who give them to you! Love the resulting cards. So have a purple/yellow/brown swap.

  7. these are great Karen! i love that color combo. chocolate is just such a good thing.... xx

  8. That is my absolute favorite chocolate bar - i get so happy when I find it on sale for a discount. And I save the wrappers for collage purposes - wouldn't have thought to use it as color inspiration, though! (they're not in my go-to palette either)