Saturday, October 11, 2014

someone else's palette

(alternate title: it all started with a piece of scrapbook paper)

Even though I much prefer to use my own painted papers in my collages, sometimes I just can't resist a pretty pattern.

Walking through Michael's, looking for more polymer medium, I was stopped in my tracks by this paper.

I don't use purple very often, but this practically jumped into my shopping basket all on it's own.

Here are the two collages that sprung from that inspiring source.

and then there's this:

This represents just a portion of the art supplies that have been loaded into my car, because in about 5 hours I'm heading here:

To make art in this lovely beach-side rental house for four straight days with 7 artsy friends.
I cannot think of any better cure for what ails me than the three kinds of therapy that come from the ocean, art and kindred spirits.


  1. What a joy that will be to share so much creative time together. Enjoy!

  2. Love those collages, absolutely! The turquoise is the perfect complement.

    Have a wonderful time creating with your friends!

  3. Have a wonderful time with your arty friends :)

  4. Great collages. Hope you gals have a fabulous time. I look forward to photos.

  5. love the collages ,and lucky you! have fun !

  6. Lucky you (s)! Sounds heavenly and we're all a little envious. Funny enough, I have a couple pieces of that exact same scrapbook paper and it has made it into the gratitude journals I'm making as Christmas presents. Small world.

  7. The perfect cure for everything!!! Have great fun!

  8. Oh, my, my...sounds like a little piece of heaven! Enjoy some art for me!

  9.! You are amazing!

  10. So how was it? Sounds like a dream!