Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Index cards forever

I'm at that point in the summer where I start to think "I love ICAD so much.  Flimsy 3x5 paper is the best substrate in the world.  I'm not going to stop July 31st.  I'm going to keep making an index card a day forever"


The first year (2011) the challenge was June 1- Aug 31 and I kept going straight through 'til October.

But the very next year (even though the challenge ended July 31st) I only made it until July 5th because I had an elephant sitting on my chest.

In 2013 and 2014 I was going strong through June and July and was CERTAIN I'd keep going, and yet was ever-so-happy to stop once August 1st rolled around.

This year, August is only 17 days away and I don't feel anywhere near done with this project.

Even when it's past my bedtime and I realize I haven't made a card and I don't have any good ideas, I pull off things in haste that I end up loving.
7-13-15 (I really kind of love this one)

 I am on a roll.
I am on fire.
I am going to do this forever.

But.... I have unexpected travel this weekend, with long hours in the car, and hotel rooms, and loved ones and grieving, and loving and I already know I'm not packing much in the way of art supplies.
Will I want to make something?  Will I NEED to make something?  Will I be cutting and pasting travel brochures and the yellow pages from the Holiday Inn Express in Cleveland?  Will I forgive myself if I don't make something?  This remains to be seen.

It's not like I don't have plenty of "extra" index cards to fill in for these coming days.  I have a whole basket of alternates that don't get the official ICAD date stamp for whatever reason.  Like this one:

date unknown

or this one:
date unknown

I could have waited until next week and labeled them 7-18 and 7-19 and you never would have been the wiser, but I am a stickler for the EVERY DAY notion of this challenge.
(perhaps this unyielding attitude is why I burn out by August every year.)

One day and one index card at a time.


  1. Ah, Karen, your cards are truly wondrous! I enjoy seeing them so much. Have safe travels, take a little bit...that way it's there for you even if unneeded.

  2. I hope your weekend went as well as could be expected. See you in mere months.