Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rainy day sillies

Today's rainy vacation day was a good excuse to work on some pages in my collaborative round-robin art journal.

I started this book in July 2014 and it passed through the talented hands of Mandy, Gina, Lynn and Carroll before coming back to me.  We all had such fun with this project we decided to send the same books around the circle one more time.  (You can see the start of my book here.)

Here's what I accomplished this morning.

Kinda wish it would rain again tomorrow...


  1. Oh my, you are too funny! These are great! What a treat it must be to look through that book.

  2. It's another rain day over here....So great to see your UYAG book in action again! Hugs from Vermont...

  3. You know I love these.
    I'm especially partial to Revealed.
    And "Man in Sushi Grass with Squatting Baby".

  4. Fun and funny. YOu do good work in the rain. xox

  5. You do make the most of a rainy day - love these, they're so fun.

  6. Too funny! I've been adding little bits to mine and Carroll's, but nothing as fabulous as this! Happy Vacation!

  7. Can't wait to see it in person to giggle my tuckus off!

  8. Great combinations of odd elements! I especially like the lady in the waffle iron. I sit around and cut things out but am not real good at putting them together to tell a little story.

  9. Okay... the baby?!!!?
    Love how you've 'reached out' during inclement weather. HA!

    reached out always sounds wrong in some way. is it 'did reach'? outreached? reacheth?

    well, I like the reaching, that's my point.