Friday, May 13, 2011

Guerilla art

I've started leaving little cards in various places. I love the idea of people finding random bits of art, and hopefully putting a smile on someone's face. It also answers the question "what do I DO with this now that I made it?". I first collaged one side of a piece of cardstock, and painted the other side, then I cut it into 9 even shapes and added pictures/text/more paint to each.

The first one was left in the middle school library. I was attending a long and boring school committee meeting and snuck this card in between two books in the stacks.

Then I thought about adapting the "3 little words" technique from 21 Secrets and started cutting apart an old discarded library book into 3-word chunks of text and then putting them together in different ways. I left this one inside my book when I returned it to the library.

This one was left behind at the gas pump.
Here's a bunch more just waiting to be left....


  1. Your artwork is really great!!!

  2. I got my first card form you Karen and then read your blog - I can't believe you leave your art cards in random places! I do the same except I leave little mesh gift bags with cards/sayings/shells/gifts in them. I left one at the post office, gas station, library, shopping cart. I didn't think to photograph them - thanks for the idea.
    (the one today had a small stone turtle and a card that said 'slow down'.)
    Appropriate for most everyone - thanks again.

  3. Pat - thanks for visiting! So cool that you leave little objects for others to find.