Friday, May 13, 2011

Street Team Challenge No. 51

Here's my first completed challenge as part of the GPP Street Team. The theme was Home Sweet Home and it's part of the "Evidence" series. I've re-purposed an old book I found at a thrift store to use for the challenges and can't wait to dip back into the 50 previous challenges.

The project really got me thinking about what makes a space feel like home? I've always been the kind of person who likes to decorate a space, no matter how short a time I'll be living there. I used to bring posters for the walls of our 2-week summer rental when I was a kid. I've always personalized my offices too.

At this point in my life, as cliche as it might be, home is about family and love. So first I listed all the words I associate with "home" and I wrote them out on little squares of vellum.

Then I painted the background pages with colors from the living room and stamped them with my favorite swirly stamp. Here's the finished page.

I stenciled the letters onto close-up photographs of various things around the house (lamp, rug, dishes, guitar, etc)
I cut a simple house shape from some of my own marbled paper and overlaid it with some of my painted tissue paper. Pasted on the vellum squares and outlined them watercolor crayons. I added a few pressed dogwood flowers just because I liked them.
I then though some more about what I would bring if I had to move away from home/family for a little while. These are the things that make a place feel like home to me.

When I finished I almost ripped it out so I could start over, but I'm working on silencing the inner critic, enjoying the process, and learning from each experience.


  1. K - thanks for coming to play! Love your interpretation and hearing your observance of how the concept of home has changed for you. It's interesting to realize how some 'things' play an important role in our surroundings - they connect us to people and memories.
    Thanks for sharing your work with the team. I hope you'll continue on the list of previous challenges and share when you can.

    Do we get a full name or are you just K?

  2. Like all the layers here! Are these colors in your home, too? They go well together.

  3. I really like this. Love the closeup photos as letter tiles. And what a good idea to list essentials to take with you if you ever had to be away for a while!

  4. Love your take on the crusade with the small fragments of photographs & those ethereal & physical elements that make anywhere feel like home to you. Fabulous!

  5. I love that you journaled comfort and acceptance - you're a girl after my own heart. Long may your home be filled with the warmth and safety.

  6. Hi!

    I love your pages.... so full of warmth and feeling....


    ps I'm trying to work my way through the old challenges too!!!!

  7. Hello Crusader! I like how you interpreted the Home-Sweet-Home challenge by using the emotions you associate with it! Very cool. I also love the stencil-looking letters... terrific. Best wishes from germany, tj

  8. These are inviting pages--warm and interesting. I love the idea of writing down words that remind you of home--that really makes a house a home. An emotional home is where we all come to rest. Thanks for sharing your ideas!