Friday, December 2, 2011

Orange you glad I'm hosting?

Welcome to day two of Building a Rainbow!
I'm Karen and I'll be your hostess for today's color!
Okay, not THAT kind of hostess, but boy did I love those orange Hostess cupcakes.
Which leads me to the color of the day:

I love Orange - both the color and the flavor.
Orange is the only decent Lifesaver in the roll of five flavors.
It's the preferred color of lollipop at the bank.
It's the popsicle you fight for.

All the best flowers are orange.
My favorite chair is orange:
And let's not forget sunsets:
So naturally, orange is my go-to paint color.
(Hey look!  It's the background color of my blog!)
Looking through my flickr pool, it's by far the most used color.
So in honor of today's color, I made this collage of both new and old painted papers.
Now head on over to Daisy Yellow to join the fun!


  1. Ooh la, la I love orane too! I love the mosaic of your work all together. Not thos hostess cakes though, have to be chocolate for me. Happy Friday. xox Corrine

  2. Wow! you do love your orange. I have to say as a child it was my least favorite color. It made me aggressive! what is THAT about?! but as I have grown and my appreciation for the role that all color plays in our lives, I have learned to lean on orange more and more. I love your passion about it!! Yay! My orange collage for today came very easy to me, so who knows, maybe I will develop a passion for it, too.

  3. Such a happy color! Love the mosaic.....

  4. Your use of orange is awesome. Love it :)

  5. Orange is such a happy color...not in your face kinda happy....but a go with the flow kinda happy...mellower than yellow....spunkier than red...

    Love that you love it ;)
    ...and the pic of your cute kitties!

  6. I love orange and yellow and I love yours

  7. I think it's safe to say that you do love orange! LOL I just never seem to incorporate it into my art, I think I'm going to have to give it a try. Thanks for such great inspiration!

  8. Hey rush, love the mosaic and your orange collage. Orange is an awesome colour, thanks for hosting!

  9. Growing up, orange Hostess cupcakes were the official snack food of my father's house.