Wednesday, August 8, 2012

View from the dock

early morning



I could really get used to this vacation thing.
We're renting this house in Casco Maine

I did two things before I left home.  I painted enough backgrounds to make a few dozen postcards, and I splurged on a Pogo printer.

Here are some of the postcards I've made so far this week, using some of the pictures I've taken.
Mama and baby loon


Let's review the vacation check list:

swim in the lake:  done 
snooze on the dock: done
read a lot:  done
luxuriate in daily coffee:  done
make some art:  done
take some naps:  done
eat lots of pie:  hopefully tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day)


  1. Oh, Karen, that looks fabulous. I would like to run away there.

  2. That house....the water....I have to pick my jaw up off the floor!

    That's what I call a vacation! :)

  3. Wow, beautiful photos--thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks divine! Relax: done; Soak up nature: done; Laugh: done (this one isn't a stretch, knowing you) - Sounds like the making for a perfect vacation!

  5. Every one of these is beautiful, and the colours are so clean and restful that I think it must mean that you are relaxing, recovering and being happy.
    It looks so lovely there, I wish I could experience it, and the house is like something from a fairy tale.

  6. Sounds like a most perfect vacation, at least to me. Love these post cards. No pie yet???? Oh no. Perfect time for blueberry!!!! xox

  7. Good for you - you really deserve it! It just looks so wonderful, I can't imagine anything better. And even finding the time and energy for art - I love your postcards. And I don't know what a POGO printer is, but I think it's best I not find out, or I'll want one...

  8. I just love how you planned for incorporating art into your vacation. These are beautiful! Will you bind them as a keepsake for yourself, or send them to lovely blogging friends you adore (lol)? Enjoy a little of that relaxation for me; it looks amazing!

  9. Looks like perfection! What a spectacular spot and wonderful cards to remember it with xx (Having a total mental block...did I tell you that your postcard arrived last week??? Your gorgeous Moo card. I have it proudly displayed on a mini easel on my shelves. Just in case I didn't...thanks so much! Must be time for ME to go on another vacation...)

  10. Yay!!!!!!! OK, i hope you started the list over every day!!!!
    Man, my gills would NEVER be dry there!!

  11. How wonderful for you, Karen! Enjoy every bit of it.

  12. Hey, I am at my camp in Maine. Been here all summer. How do you like it?

  13. I am catching up (backwards). And I have to say that you are the best postcarder in the world. And, yes, I've seen all their work and none of it compares.

    This looks like a fabulous experience, Pookie!

  14. I love my pogo printer! I am catching up backwards as well, and had no idea you had taken those lovely boat photos...looks very tranquil.

  15. Love the series of dock photos. Tempted by a Pogo.