Sunday, August 26, 2012

Four new postcards swaps

I've finally updated the Mail Me Some Art site with four fabulous new postcard swaps for the month of September.

Join one, join them all!

The first swap is a "school memories" theme and you've got two whole weeks to make your art and mail it to me.

The other swap themes this month are "getting to know you", "fall", and "black and white"

Get all the details at Mail Me Some Art
and help spread the word.


  1. Oh boy! I'm off to check out the themes - thanks for hosting, yet again!!!

  2. I think I'm in for the Autumn one. Tweeted it, too. :)

  3. Yeah for new projects! Thanks Karen!!

  4. Wow, four, you are on top of it, off to see the ideas! xox

  5. I'd be interested in a swap of some other form of art...postcards just aren't my thing....haha! I'll keep checking back :)

  6. black and white.....very interesting.

  7. Wish I could join in this swap, Karen, but being in UK makes postage difficult. Never mind, I shall be sending one to you anyway, just because I love to do so.
    Thanks for such a positive comment on my Gormley blog post. Actually, when I decided to do that post I thought specifically of you and knew you would love his work because you liked Goldsworthy so much.
    Keep well, keep happy, keep inspiring us. XX

  8. Okay, these all look intriguing. I'm going over there. But first, I apologize, because I think I said I would do the kitchen postcard swap, and I completely forgot. What the hell is THAT about?

  9. :) So much that you take on, I don't know where you find time for it all.