Monday, September 17, 2012

back in the studio

I'm back in creation mode after a 5-day hiatus in which my art room was converted into a guest room for my dear, dear friend.

It was a fabulous five days.
There was loads of art inspiration (museums, street fairs, Boston architecture) 
and treasure hunting (flea market!  IKEA!)
and talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking
but no actual art-making.

I'm making up for lost time.
Here's what I created today.

Another of the round robin mail-art zines:

A file-folder envelope for a swap


 Four postcards for a swap:


The idea of the swap was to create a single piece of art and cut it into 4 pieces and mail the pieces to 4 different people.  The pieces have to have a unifying element.  Here's the collage before I chopped it up.  This was tons of fun.  I'm going to do this more often.

And while I didn't do this one today, I figured I'd show you one of the other round robin zines I did last week:

It felt great to be gluey.


  1. I agree with Lee! I especially like the postcards that you cut up from the larger piece...great idea.

  2. It's amazing hou great the four smaller pics are when you've sliced up the large one. A good lesson here. Everything is great on the post, they all make my mouth water.

  3. I loved seeing the individual postcards (like puzzle pieces) and then the completed puzzle collage. Those rays are a great unifying element. Awesome! I can't tell you often enough how much your stuff rocks and inspires!

  4. Love that file folder envelope especially.

  5. Looks like you've jumped right back into art mode, in spades! I quickly jumped over and signed up for the inspiration deck swap since I missed it last time. And you've found some truly fun swaps for this batch of art. I like the challenge of making one image and then cutting it into quarters - I actually think that sounds kind of hard! Nice to see you back.

  6. Interesting idea about cutting and then unifying. They came out great! Glad you had fun time off with your friend

  7. Oh I like that cutting up the piece into four, fun. xox

  8. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful 5 days - good for you! And I just love the collage that you cut into 4 pieces, it's wonderful whole and in the pieces. I love the sun ray things out of paper, and the old image, and all the color and texture...

  9. Great projects, Karen! I'm with everyone else: I especially love the big collage you cut into four postcards. That came out looking awesome!!

  10. These are so great. I want to join all these swaps. Where are they?!

    Well, the card deck swap is not in the cards for me right now. haha! Can't spend a dime. Oh, well. next time!

    I'll probably make my own deck, though. Your tutorial got me all fired up.

    rock on!