Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swap stuff

I'm currently part of three round robin art journal/sketchbook projects.
Last weekend I worked on two different books in my group that leans a little toward the dark side.

One of the photo albums I found at the antiques store on vacation features page after page of this couple:
They never smile.
Not once in the whole book.
I'm becoming a bit obsessed with them.

These two pages feature the unsmiling woman and snippets of song lyrics that get stuck in my head.

I'm also doing a really cool mail art round robin.
We took four sheets of cardstock, folded them in half and stitched them together to make a little zine.  I make art on the front, and use the back like a postcard, taping up the three open sides of the booklet and mailing it to the next person in the rotation.  When she gets it, she cuts the tape, flips my picture over, and does the same thing on blank pages before resealing it and mailing it along.
This is the brain child of Mandy (aka FarStarr) she explains the process better here.

This has been totally fun and fast moving.  (Unlike the journal round robins that have been dragging on and on and on)  I've had three zines go through my hands so far (including the one I started) and here's what I've done:


And speaking of Mandy - I'm going to meet her in a few weeks!
She lives about an hour away and she's hosting a letter-writing social and I'm going and I'm really excited. Details are here in case any of you live in the area of Massachusetts and want to join us. 

This next one was for a nun-themed postcard swap:
And I was lucky enough to get one of the Tofu Millennia mail art postcards:
This is a collaborative project.  Each person fills a space on the postcard and mails it to someone of their choosing.  (Thanks Jill for sending me mine!)

Here's the card I got with the layer I added on top:

As Tofu gets the completed cards back, they are posted here.
This was such a super cool idea one of my mail art swap groups decided to do our own collaborative round robin.  (okay, it was Mandy getting things going once again) There are 8 people in the group and so I took a 6"x8" card and divided it into a grid and filled in my first tiny little box and mailed it off.  Can't wait to get it back with all 8 boxes filled.

I completely cracked myself up decorating the package for the mystery bag swap I did recently:
(inside was crammed with various tidbits from my stash)

And since we're speaking of swaps...
don't forget to hop over to Mail Me Some Art to see some of the great art that's been coming in and out my mailbox, and while you're there you could get in on the fun.


  1. Oh where do I start with this great post?? First of all, I LOVE your miserable couple :) What a find that photo album was!!
    And the mailed zine idea and the "tofu" postcard?? both pure genius. Permission please to steal both ideas for Collabor-ART????
    Loving the work you have been doing recently. Hope you are feeling better too x

  2. I'm breathless just reading abut all the swaps you've been enjoying. I just don't know how you get it all into one life. I just wish some of these these activities were taking place within the Uk to get over the postage costs and timing issues.
    Such an enjoyable post to read, really cheers my morning.

  3. Those photos are something, could people look more unhappy - almost constipated to me. Love, love what you are doing with them. All good stuff. The Tofu swap was great - I really enjoyed that one too. You are a mail art machine of goodness my friend. Whenever do you sleep, eat, see your family, feed the cat????? xox

  4. Yep - I thoroughly enjoyed the Tofu exchange as well and have been watching for mine to show up on her site all done.... Now that zine project sounds really enticing - hmmm might have to give that one a try. Love your humor showing up everywhere - too bad that couple doesn't 'get' your humor! :)

  5. wow you have been busy. love what you have been doing, the lady looks like she is saying for godsake put that camera down, and he is saying, see i got a woman.

  6. Do you sleep? I mean, really, do you sleep at all? The couple are irresistible. My head keeps starting new stories for them. Thanks for sharing them and the evidence of your fabulous creativity.

  7. Love -- love -- the nuns! And Tofu is in my mail art group! Small world in mail art...

  8. The card you worked arrived back in SF today. It looks great and will be up on the website soon.

  9. Wow, what amazing swaps you are involved in! I love photos of anonymous folks, and this couple is pretty darn intriguing in all of their "even-temperedness". (Love the lyrics, too!) A nun-themed postcard swap cracks me up. And the layered and grid swaps are brilliant fun!!

  10. You kill me - I won't even try to address the whole post, but I enjoyed every bit of it! Your unsmiling couple though crack me up! I'd be totally obsessed with that too! I love what you made with them too - how did you get that effect with the picture on the 2nd one? Very cool!

  11. That couple is a pair of crazy creepiness. Wow....makes you wonder....

    Looks like you are having a blast in all these round robins and swaps! You come up with the neatest things....the dialogue on that envie being one....haha!

  12. Who IS that Mandy-person anyway??? ...

    Thanks for pimping the Snail Mail Social. I'm sure we'll have a great time!
    Awesome art! Great scrore on the photo album. I can't belive those people succumbed to having so many pictures taken if they were that unhappy! I think my favorite piece in this post is the zine page with the cels on it! So cool!

    Mandy (yup, that's right...)

  13. I am now intrigued by/ obsessed with your smileless couple too!
    (Were their names in the book?)

    So much fun & amazing stuff to see, as usual :)


  14. Hi. You are my idol. I love every bit of this. Even the part with no smiling. Especially that part.

  15. OMG I LOVE that couple!

    Loving everything you're involved in - it's all very cool :)

  16. OMG, that album is treasure, no wonder you are becoming obsessed with them. I have a whole story in my head about them and I only glimpsed a couple of photos!

    SO busy and inspiring as always. You are so busy with your swaps, I don't know how you get it all done!

  17. I'm SO SAD I can't make the Letter Writers Social. I grew up in Rockland and live on the North Shore now. I just made plans for Saturday! I have never been to The Crop Shop either. I'll have to drop by sometime.