Thursday, April 18, 2013

And you, without question, know your first love is your last.

When Ria invited me to join a "Favorite Artist" post card swap, I jumped to say yes without an inkling of what I would create.
Then I started to panic.

I have a really hard time picking favorites.  Music has always played a huge role in my life and I have a million favorites.  How on earth could I select just one for a postcard?
After completely over thinking this for weeks, I decided to go back to my first and greatest love:  The Who.

As I contemplated my card, all I could picture was a silhouette of Pete Townshend's iconic "windmill" style of guitar playing.  How could I use this on a postcard when I really can't draw?
Clearly this was the perfect excuse to buy the heated stencil cutter I've been wanting:

I printed a picture from the internet, placed a transparency on top and traced Pete's outline.

The tool worked really well, even on all the little curvy parts.

I was positively giddy when I tested the stencil.
How awesome is that?

Here's my finished postcard - album covers in the background, the ubiquitous target symbol from their early years, white modeling paste pushed through another hand-carved stencil of the band's logo, and my beloved Pete stenciled over the top.

 This swap brought out my full-on, fan-girl geekiness.
It was incredibly satisfying.
I think Pete's going to find his way on to a lot of envelopes in the coming weeks.
I put him to good use on the envelope I sent to Ria.

'nuff said.


  1. OoOooo I can't say enuf about how cool this is........

  2. Nicely done!! That stencil turned out fabulously!! I'm impressed by the details. Looking forward to seeing more of Pete! xx

  3. Karen...It is very awesome!!! Love it!

  4. Love it!

    I now NEED a heated stencil cutter. Fact.


  5. fab!! love the Who, love your stencil! and the funny thing is that I am sat here stencilling a band related image too (Korn in my case) and am waiting for the paint to dry between layers. so I thought while I am waiting I will have a blog hop. and yours was the first that I went to. and snap! :)

  6. Very resourceful, lady. I like it. A lot.

  7. tell me more about that stencil cutter!!!!

  8. Fantastic work Karen, tee hee and so much fun too!! I love The Who too, happy memories (hmm born in '75 but indoctrinated to their awesomeness by my sister lol). Wow what a tool that stencil cutter is - I WANT ONE!!!!!! - who is it made by???????
    Huge hugs x

  9. That'svawesomely awesome. Your creativity expands by leaps and bounds with every new thing you try. The finished card is so full of detail, and your stencil cutting and stencilling are really great. At the beginning of this comment that's supposed to say That's awesomely awesome, but if I try to change thing on a comment my ipad locks up.
    As always I admire your work so much.

  10. The stencil is WOW! You really got into this project...well done.

  11. I once bought one of those but the stench of burning plastic nearly drove me out of the house.

  12. Very cool! Nice results with the stencil.

  13. Oh my gosh...this came out simply amazing!! I can't believe it. I don't know anything about that tool/technique you used!

  14. Beautiful! Thanks for teaching me how to make my own stencil. You are a woman with amazing capabilities. Okay. You know a lot. :)

    Thank you for sharing the how-to-moments.