Friday, April 19, 2013

Collage class

There are so many things I haven't shown you lately.
I've been taking a weekly collage class with a local artist/friend for the past 10 weeks.
Three glorious hours in her sweet little studio with just two other students.
It's been wonderful.

Week one we played with distressing and painting magazine pages, and we also did some simple mono-printing on rice paper.  Here are two collages I made incorporating those papers

The next week we worked on a triptych, which turned into this piece:

The task of another week was to work in shades of white:

 We collaged on tiles another week:

and we used aluminum foil over various textured objects to create collages like this one:

The absolute best part of class was learning a little bit about encaustics.
My first attempt is kind of a chaotic mess, but it was really really fun to make.  We used 12x12 wood panels as our base and it's got all kinds of layers of paper and wax.
(The circles are prints we made on rice paper using wood from cut trees.)

I tried something more simple for this one.  I didn't use any collage papers at all, and simply stuck to painting color blocks with the encaustic paints. Not awesome, but a great learning experience.

I'm falling in love with wax, and really want to explore it more fully.
This last one makes me really really happy.
I'm sad that class is over, but I know I'll be back.
It's been incredibly rewarding to learn and create on a regular basis with an intimate group.


  1. Wax is so fun! I adore that last one, and the very first one too. So glad you're having fun and feeling inspired.

  2. I think emerald the Evil has managed to squeeze his way in to my brain, because I do envy you having been on this fabulous course - in the nicest way possible. Everything you show here is just wonderful. You grow as an artist every day, and that is such a wonderful thing to happen.
    I really fancy trying some of these techniques, so thank you for this enjoyable, detailed post.

  3. Wow, what an amazing class. You got to play with so many different materials! Drool.... You made some gorgeous pieces! I love your white one the best but that would probably change if I scrolled through again! xx

  4. That must've been some class...all I can say is WOW!!!!

  5. Wax does look like an interesting media to work with especially in collage. The prints from the pieces of tree are great.

  6. wow I wish I could go to a class like that, you did a lot of amazing art

  7. Wonderful collages and that last encaustic fish piece rocks big time - I love, love it....Wax is seductive, but it requires a whole other set up......hope it fulfills you and you do it. xox

  8. Cannot decide which is my favorite, but the first one reminds me of a pier in Galveson when a storm is on its way in. Beautiful work! Each one is my favorite while I enjoy eyeing them one at a time.

    Major talent here Karen.

  9. Karen, it's really interesting to see all the pieces you've created in the class. It IS cool when there are fewer students. I love the tryptich and the shades of white. Magazine pages are endlessly fascinating to me, and I like what you did with them.

    Thanks for sharing the class here. It's cool that there were so many different techniques covered!

  10. What a wonderful experience! How fun to play around with and learn about so many different collage media. And you have such a great collection of art to show for your efforts!

  11. Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time. Your work from the class is great! I really like what you turned out :)