Friday, May 31, 2013


One of my class assignments involved creating a loose grid of various materials and attempting to unify then in different ways.  The exercise was challenging and informative.  I made five studies, and while I certain sections connected well to other sections, the pieces as a whole didn't hang together as compositions.


And so , in typical fashion, I cut them into quarters to use as postcards.  I want to get better at working over collages with paint - to obscure certain areas, highlight others, unify elements.  It's not easy.  I'm always afraid to put down too much and ruin the parts I like.  Plus it's hard to decide what should be the focal point, and what needs to recede into the background.

Here are some before and after shots of the postcards I've been re-working.

I didn't do very much to these first two, and they may not be finished.  (original on left, revised on right)

 More was done to these next ones:

These last ones were reworked to the point of being unrecognizable


Here are a few more, in varying states of "doneness."

 What's in store for your weekend?  Any creative plans?


  1. OMG - I'm so amazed at what you've been able to produce! I agree with your thoughts about cohesiveness and finding a focal point when painting abstractly - I suffer the same problems (as I'm sure many folks do). Knowing when to stop is almost impossible! Your resulting p/c are just amazing....what a great way to practice, just on a smaller canvas. I love the obscure/add layer technique of Jane''re incorporating it so well. Yet I still see you in the design (I recognize that circle stamp!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Seeing your work is getting me excited about taking a class from Jane sometime soon. I love what you've done, and heck, we always need more postcards, right?
    I plan to work in my new art journal this weekend, create some mail art, and maybe, if I can get beyond all the things I let stand in the way -- mostly just fear, hesitation and uncertainty -- might do some other work with acrylics.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing the progression of your work! Thank you for posting each of them:) My weekend goal is to take Jane's class!

  4. LOVE that you've made postcards from these exercises. You have certainly found your voice in this workshop. Sometimes you have to paint over the bit you like to get to an effective resolution of the whole image,

  5. Hi, there. I have major creative plans, not the least of which is to stop being afraid of trying things. I'm learning through collage and also swaps that I am afraid of just letting go. In prep for the icad, I've actually felt some anxiety! You mean, the POINT is to just make something non-precious and quickly be happy go lucky about what I'm doing? You must be mad!

    It is very easy for me to be philosophical about art practice, but when it comes to my own, I can't relax. Which brings me to your post...

    You may not see these as others see them, but these are great! From the second I saw the first ones, I thought, Now, I want to make something like that! fun, active, intriguing. So thanks for posting these and talking about your process.

    Of course, I'll be trying to duplicate each one exactly, so please email over the dimensions, pigments, weaves, textiles, vendors, layers-- in order of adherence, and substance(s) being imbibed during creation.

    Then I can relax.

    Thank you!

  6. I love your studies and think they are all great

  7. I really love the repetitive use of circles. It's very calming.

  8. Loving all your pattern interplay. These collages all befores and afters are terrific....weekend, well we snuck up to Maine and played hooky yesterday and had a fun time. Painting today, painting tomorrow...oh and a nap. xox

  9. oh karen, i love your before and after cards. and you gave me a kick in the but on my icad cards. i have randel plowman's book sitting here on my table (from the library and it has to go back soon.) so i think i will work through some of challenges for my icads. i love your card with the bird. off to print some clipart and make some cards. tfs