Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caught up

In a stunning return to form, I have come back from a 40 day deficit on my 365 collage challenge. After taking six weeks off, I have managed to make 60 small collages in the past 20 days.
(Thank you Index-card-a-day challenge for kicking me back into gear!)

First up:  Two postcards for the MMSA "eyes" swap.


This next one is so totally and completely not my palette. Plus I hate roses. I don't know what I was thinking. It kind of disturbs me.

Ah, but THESE.  These are my colors:



In fact I liked that color scheme so much I used it again two days later to create a bunch of thank you cards for Max's teachers:





  I went neutral on these next ones, using lots of little squares cut from donated paper:


This one used tissue that came in a swap envelope, and an eye image from one of Gina's envelopes:

Here's one using table scraps, paint and cards from an old game:

And here I am, with tonight's card, officially caught up.


  1. Yahoo - caught up is a great feeling! These are totally amazing - I saw a few on flickr but seeing the whole group here, I am totally impressed. My faves are the two neutral ones - there's something intriguing about all those stacked squares. Then I really like your cards - I would recognize them as yours anywhere... your style shows clearly.

  2. Congrats on catching up with yourself. Every card is awesome!

  3. Brava!! Wonderful pieces! Love #169 for the browns and teal and... the Eye!
    Dagnammit! U beat me ... :D, I'm almost there, at 160 something.... :D
    Thanks for the push / challenge for 365 and ICAD too!

  4. The eyes have it are fan-freaking-tastic! love those.

  5. Girl you have been busy! Welcome back! Loving your compositions! Love those eyes especially!

  6. Congratulations!! And you certainly can't be accused of phoning it in to get caught up - I love them! Especially the eyes - and even the one with the rose!

  7. Your collaged cards are just have been busy. As if you ever aren't.

  8. It is such a fabulous feeling when you get caught up. I love your found text, it always makes me laugh. I love how it can completely transform a work.

    Your use of colour and texture really inspires me. Great work. :)

  9. Wonderful work! I was so tickled when I read that you don't like roses....yesterday's ICAD for me was a photo of them, along with a whole litany on why I don't like them. It's almost un-American to not like roses -- oh. well. :-)

  10. Absolutely great! I'm glad to see you're getting back on track.. that's an impressive amount of work you did in such a short time! My favorite is the second from the bottom. :-)

  11. You go girl!! Isn't it a good feeling to be caught up and also to wonder how the heck you did it in between living life?

  12. Your catch up is inspiring in face of the catch up I also have to do. Wonderful cards!! Love #160 and #166.