Saturday, June 29, 2013

Forcing the funny

I joined a postcard swap called "wicked funny captions."
Create a postcard with a person on a patterned background with a snarky, humorous caption.
It seemed a no-brainer.
I love postcards.
I love captions.
I love funny.

The deadline approached, I had no card, I wasn't worried.
I'm the queen of funny captions.  I can procrastinate.
Finally, I sat down to do it, and my funny was gone.
Completely dried up.
Apparently, I can't be funny under pressure.
Pressure made worse by the fact my swap recipient is Steph - coordinator of the swap group, and my funny-caption idol.
I had a stack of potential pictures, and a stack of potential captions, and none of them were even close to good enough.
The night before the deadline I had to email her and confess that my funny was MIA.
I filed for an extension.

I made these index cards:


Some of these are marginally funny, but they don't seem to qualify as "wicked funny captions."
Besides, they are 3 x 5 index cards - too small to mail as postcards.

Tonight I started to get my groove back.
Four postcards, three with found text.
Can't decide which like best.
Will I send one of these to Steph?
Will I send all of these to Steph?
Will I wake up in the morning and decide they are all crap and start again?


What happens to these remains to be seen.
I'm going to ask Steph to host one of these swaps again, only next time she should name it "crappy postcards with stupid sayings" and I'll knock it out of the park.
I'm funnier when I'm not trying.


  1. I adore the "forgot to pack a bra" card, Karen~ I actually remember when bras looked like that one!! Very funny,

  2. I think the last is my most favorite, although the career icad is qutie funny too. xox

  3. You know how much you make me laugh (the 'some birds that cannot fly' card in particular!). You've pulled the rabbit out of the hat with these 4 postcards - first and last are my favourites!

    I know what you mean about the problem of trying too hard, it can be so creatively constricting.


  4. I can't do funny at all. I like the ice cream one, and the moving one. I like all of them, really. I so could have used an infusion of your energy today! I'll look at the calendar and we'll figure it out...

  5. I think anything is harder when we're trying to force it - especially anything creative. And of course we're our own worst critics, you have some really funny ones here, although I think the bra one is my favorite too.

  6. Oh my gosh...send her the whole darn was hilarious! Loved the truck in the tree...that's most of my life!!

  7. Loving all of these! and i have the same problem i can't be funny/witty when i have to... i wanted to join that swap, but couldn't come up with anything to put on a card, so i decided to sit it out...

  8. "Career Problems" is hilarious. Who do you think you're fooling here??
    PS-I bailed on the swap before partners were assigned for the same reason... :)

  9. I love "The magic is gone" and "I'll take whatever's left" <3

  10. Jack is Surprised and Forgot to Wear a Blouse are classic Karen! Delightful and brought a smile to my face this morning....isn't that what you want to accomplish? Thanks for starting my week off with a chuckle!

  11. sorry you momentarily felt like you had lost your funny but glad to see it was only momentary...these are great Karen! i too love the last one. the one with the ice cream is awfully sweet though. xx

  12. 'Jack still looked a little surprised,' was the one that cracked me up, but they're all funny. Thanks for the laughs at the end of the day.