Friday, July 26, 2013

10 days

Were there not 10 index cards to show for it, I wouldn't believe it's been 10 days since I've posted.

But here's the proof in pictures.

This first index card was done the night before we left for Maine.  It was a bazillion degrees outside, and I needed to pack, but the patch of grass under the stairs really needed to be cut, and the lawnmower doesn't fit, and it kind of pisses off our neighbor when we neglect it.
I actually enjoy mowing the lawn, but I HATE the weed whacker and usually leave this onerous task to Ric.  He was working late in preparation of our vacation, and I couldn't, in good conscience, leave this patch untended for 5 more more days. 
(insert horrid machine noise and sound of me cursing)
Once back inside, it was too hot to even set foot in the art room to gather collage materials, so I vented my frustrations with colored watercolor pencils and a fine-line sharpie at the air-conditioned dining room table.

My next card was done in the log cabin on Rangeley Lake that I've been visiting since I looked like this:

I have changed ever so slightly....

 But the cabin has not.

In spite of the enormous bag of art supplies I brought, I didn't have the time or space to explore them.
This card was made on our first night, using nothing but a current magazine and a glue stick.
Basking in the glow of favorite people and places.

There's no time for art when there are sunbeams to explore:
 and cairns to build:

The next night we had a crazy-windy thunderstorm.
I used part of stenciled index card, more magazine images, and some appropriate found book text.

 Truth be told, it's not that I didn't have time for art.  There's nothing but time in sleepy Rangeley.  It's just that the time is better spent snuggling beagles, 
Max and Boswell

and napping in hammocks, 

and reading on rocks.

 So I stuck to my quick-card-before-bed routine.
 This one started with an unfinished ICAD from 2012.  Added a stamped image, magazine bits, and more appropriate book text (as we discovered that our hostess had sustained a spiral fracture to her wrist after an unfortunate fall)

 Said hostess was my mother's hospital roommate when they both gave birth to their firstborn daughters on the same day in 1964.  They struck up an instant friendship, and are still making each other laugh 49 years later.
Mom on the left.  Nancy, with both arms intact, on the right.
Our last night in Maine, and not even broken limbs can keep us from our favorite card game.

Home, tired, grumpy, ready for bed, and dammit I didn't do an index card yet.
A scrap of thick textured collage,  fragmented like my tired brain.  Glue down a bit of a gelatin print, pulled from my file cabinet. The lumpy nature of the card made the scan kind of blurry in the background, but it adds to the overall effect I think.

Tuesday was my dad's 75th birthday.
I helped him install his new garbage disposal to honor the occasion.
The brains (L) and the brawn (R)
and came home to use up some more of those fabulous desk scraps.
It pays to never clean the work table.
 What day is it?  Where am I? 
Tissue and paper towel scraps from the recycling pile.  Chair from the IKEA catalog.  What is that creature?  I don't know, but he's righteous.

A picture of the inside of my head on Thursday night:

All good intentions of making lots and lots of art tonight have vanished into the black hole of the internet, the comfy couch, and the cuddly cat.
What have you been up to?


  1. Looks like a fantastic trip and your cards are great...Any good books to recommend? Snuggling with beagles is always a good those older pics of you...! xox

  2. Great photos over the years! And what a wonderful place to spend a vacation. No wonder you didn't have a lot of time for art. I'd just be staring at Mother Nature!

  3. K--Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I can just picture the lake. Your cards look great as usual. Sorry your hostess hurt herself but I bet she was happy to be surrounded by all of you lovely people. Was there any pie involved? (I hate weed whackers too). That baby picture of you is adorable.

    1. of course there was pie! sadly we were there too early for wild Maine blueberries.

  4. I am always so envious of those cabins that Americans have - they look so wonderful in the movies, and we have nothing quite the same. How you managed to squeeze all that are in as well as having such a fantastic break I don't know. I like Mr Righteous - does he have any brothers? Your old photos make me think of the song "You must have been a beautiful baby ....'.
    Thank you so much for that beautiful card and sentiments - I'll be in touch. XXX

  5. sounds like to me you had a wonderful holiday and you made some great cards

  6. Not nearly so interesting as your week, but last week I got o play tourist on Boston with friends from PA! we had a blast!

    And I just got that IKEA catalog too, drooling over the wonder b/w goodness in there!

  7. Glad you had a good time! We are in Boothbay Harbor, Maine now and I have PLENTY of art supplies....I tend to spend my time gazing out at the bay instead of arting though... :)

  8. It's funny how many of us carry art supplies with us on vacation and then spend our time doing everything but art...when you truly settle into relaxation mode, there's nothing better and I figure it serves to re-energize the creative engine! Glad you enjoyed the getaway and your cards are just great!

  9. This was such a fun romp through your Index cards! I loved hearing the story behind each of them!

  10. Wonderful fun. The '68 pic is pretty darn adorable, but the inescapable 80s pic gave me a good (knowing) laugh :D
    I love the daily relevance for each ICAD! You are SO good. A blank # 43 and friends are staring at me, along with an MMSA and at least two Swap-bot piles of creativity I need to muster before July 31 :D. Cough, cough... I feel a sickness coming on, so maybe it's best I not go to work this entire week! HA HA :D

  11. Wow, just looking at your pictures made me feel more relaxed! I especially love the old ones. How wonderful to have a vacation place that holds so many happy memories for you. I'm impressed you managed to keep up with your ICADs, I always have good intentions on vacation, but never seem to follow through.

    Oh, and we're a big Quiddler family too!

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful trip with family and dear old friends. I love that you've been going there for so many years. Memories like that are so cherished and seem to be harder to come by these days. I LOVE all of your cards. As always, some great humor and fabulous images. I think the 18th is my fave though. Those organic images are rather mesmerizing. Welcome back! xx (oh, and I'm terrified of the weed wacker and refuse to learn how to use it. Neighbours be damned! You're a brave, thoughtful woman!)

  13. Well done for doing all of these ICADs even though you were on holiday - I totally failed at the first holiday hurdle!

    Great ICADs, of course. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad, I hope he enjoys his waste disposal system, lol!


  14. Love the righteous kangaroo-esque creature!

  15. Great story telling along with your great cards!!

  16. Okay, I can NOT believe I didn't see this until now. I'm a big loser. Because I missed all this great stuff!

  17. Rangeley is righteous. So nice to see it in this light.