Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Try this with the kids in your life

Next week is my week to plan the camp curriculum.  Most the of the projects are ready to go, but I keep finding new ones and testing them out for suitability.

Today, in my kitchen, I blew rainbow bubble snakes:

This surpassed all expectations for sheer awesomeness.
You need an empty plastic bottle, and old sock, some tape, some dish soap, some food coloring.

I discovered this fabulous activity on the blog "Housing a Forest" (follow the link for the how-to)
Grab your nearest kid, or grandkid, or niece or nephew or neighbor and try this right now.
I had so much fun all by myself, I filled my kitchen sink with rainbow bubble snakes.
Imagine how much fun I'll have when I do it with the kids next week!

Tonight's index card is aptly titled "preparations"
as I prepare not only for next week's curriculum, but for a long weekend in my favorite place on earth.
I leave Thursday for a few days on Rangelely Lake (in Rangeley Maine) and there is much to be done before I hit the road.

  Now which art supplies shall I pack???


  1. I think I will look into the bubble snake, planning a birthday party...could add some fun with masses of bubbles. Maine, I was there several years ago, it is a place I always have wanted to revisit. Have fun!

  2. Oh Rangley is a hike but beautiful. Haven't been there since I was a kid.....icads, pens, papers, glue stick....those snake bubbles are so....over the top. xox

  3. All of them! Oh wait, that's me....Have fun! :)

  4. the rainbow bubbles snake sounds like fun for kids of all ages, even over 50! Have fun on your trip.

  5. Bubble snake, huh? Sure the kids will adore it! I really like your collage and then as I looked closer I recognize a bit of gifted napkin showing up :) Glad you're still finding uses....

  6. Wow. This is really amazing. I love all the colors.
    You're a brave woman.

  7. Those rainbow bubbles are super cool...I will definitely check out that link. Enjoy your getaway! When I packed for the art retreat this weekend, I figure that I packed AT LEAST three times too many art materials...I had almost no time for my own art making outside of my workshops, but I wanted to be prepared for anything. If you're going by car, I say fill 'er up to the top!

  8. Looks great fun - why didn't you show me this at least 15 years ago! Even the youngest granddaughter is 21 and getting married next week.
    So I'd better bookmark those rainbow bubble snakes in the hope that some great-grandkids might arrive within the next 15 years or so.

  9. that is some crazy bubble fun. i've never seen anything like it!! have a great time away--very much deserved. keep up the fantastic icads! this one might be one of my favourites yet.