Friday, October 25, 2013

Baker's dozen

I made this for a recent swap.  The theme was "baker's dozen" and all I had to do was create a collaged postcard using 13 different images.

I made the thematic decision to use only tall and skinny images.
 from left to right:
1. couch
2. paintbrush
3. splint
4. salmon
5. rocket
6. spoon
7. sky scraper
8. wrench
9. pencil
10. calla lily
11. cub scout
12. snake
13. grandfather clock

and while I'm making lists,
here are 13 things I loved about my week.
1.  first graders learning how to armpit fart
2. hiring two new people at work
3. this picture of me and Max
4. the last gasp of autumn, in all of its golden glory
5. falling asleep on the couch under the puffy down blanket and the cat while listening to baseball
6. boot and scarf weather
7. trying not to crack up at the same first graders who "vandalized" the school building by writing "fart" on the door in chalk.  It was mighty hard to maintain my serious scowly face.
8. the security envelope swap at "mail me some art"
9. homemade apple pie for breakfast
10.  good leftovers for lunch
11. laughing until I cried over Max pretending to read while wearing a giant rubber horse-head mask. Wish I had a video.
12. The anticipation of a weekend away with some of my favorite people
13. This package, received in the mail, full of collage fodder, gum and chocolate. (thanks, Gina!)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, filled with at least a baker's dozen worth of excellent things.


  1. I love that picture so much. I may just post it on instagram for you. That's the kind of friend I am. I miss you. Good to see you. Bye.

  2. Well I made 9 of my baker's dozen post cards for future swaps so I am feeling pretty good that I might make that whole baker's dozen. Love your first vertical theme....xox

  3. I love your list and that photo and the fact that you're away enjoying the weekend. Have a good, good time, friend. I miss you.

  4. Love that photo and love your list of happy things.

  5. Awesome idea to use all tall and skinny things and your list is fantastic!

  6. Great photo of you and Max. Somehow you have made a wonderful collage out of 13 disparate things - it's a challenge I would have run a mile from, with no idea of how to even attempt it. And I love your list of 13 things, though I'm still trying to get used to the idea of apple pie for breakfa

  7. What a lovely sounding week - it made me smile! (Pretty much ANY pie for breakfast can make me happy...)

  8. I love those tall, skinny images....great postcard! And such a sweet photo with your son....frame-worthy (or fridge-worthy!) for sure!