Thursday, October 24, 2013

cat collage

Here's one I did for a recent swap - a cat collage for my "cut and paste" group.

 The kitty is from a magazine, but she looks an awful lot like my dear departed Lucy.
(who may or may not have been a gongoozler)

I'm up way past my bedtime watching the Red Sox in game 2 of the world series.  It's not going well.
I fancy myself a Sox fan, but in reality I've watched about one game per year since the last time they were in the world series (in 2007).
Fair weather fan is too generous a description.
My family are devoted members of the Fenway Faithful.  I'm the black sheep.
Fan by osmosis perhaps?
At the end of the inning, I'm happier with my glue stick.

What about you?
Are you a baseball fan?  Or a gongoozler?
Or, perhaps, both?


  1. Poor little kitten, what has happened to her eye? It's a complex and interesting image, and certainly not a cutie-kitty picture. I always love the way you create something no-one else in the world would think of.
    Only one thing bothers me. I'm a bit worried in case I am a Gongoozler and unaware of the fact. It sounds a bit painful. Please put me out of my misery Karen, how will I know whether I am or not!

    1. now that I see Terrie's definition in her comment below, I can say unequivocally that you, dear Jez, are NOT a gongoozler.

  2. Okay, I had to look up the term gongoozler - a new one for me - and it sounds like a made up word. But no, it's a real thing! It originates from the British meaning a person who has an interest in canals & canal life but doesn't actively participate. It has grown to include all those who spectate rather than participate. Learn something new every day!

    So, I'm a Seahawk fan and watch every game though I'm not a rabid football fan; I enjoy baseball but not a rabid fan for any team (poor Mariners suck!) and I do follow the World Series (rooting for Boston); I'm not much of a basketball fan since Seattle lost its team years ago; never watch hockey or soccer. In a household with 3 male sports fans of all types, I've learned more than I ever wanted just by osmosis - and to be able to converse with them a bit about their favorite topics.

    This weekend I know the guys will be planted in front of the TV watching college football (I don't follow that!) and I'll be upstairs madly making mail art. That's the plan!

    1. I'm so glad you looked up "Gongoozler." I found it in an old Fortune magazine from the 40s, and kept meaning to look it up. (I think I assumed it was a fake word too.) Now that I know what the word means, I wish I could remember what the ad was for.

  3. Yes. I was a baseball fan. When the Dodgers actually accomplished something this season. They didn't fall apart when they found themselves at the top of the standings. No. They didn't fall over and start weeping like little babies, but actually managed to win their division. The Dodgers usually crap out just when you think they may get somewhere. So, yes. I was a baseball fan.


    thanks for bringing it up.

  4. Sorry. I got carried away.
    What I mean to say was: I love this card. I'm calling myself a gongoozler from now on and I don't care who likes it.