Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding my way back

The longer I'm away, the longer it takes to come back.

 So many thoughts.

 So many images.

So many ideas.

So many feelings.

Gaping silence behind me.

How to fill the void?

Where to begin?

What to reveal?

Do I have anything to say?

Do I have too much to say?

 How can I get out of my head,

and rejoin the conversation?

Just start.



  1. It's so good to see you back, Karen. Love your chilly 2014 postcards, brrrrr!!


  2. These are wonderful, every one of them. Postcards? or ATCs? Very inspiring. Personally, I nearly always feel so overwhelmed by possibilities that I'm frequently enervated...just can't move forward because I simply don't know what to do next. Your series here is really juicy.

  3. Oh, I love these Karen. Such wonderful texture and I colors. And I so understand, it seems like many of us have been struggling to rejoin the world, I know I finally made myself post last weekend. We're just happy to see you here no matter what you want to say, or even if you want to say nothing at all!

  4. There you are! Your collages are gorgeous, as always!

  5. How did you put my thoughts on your blog? I keep thinking I have really profound insights to share and then ... the rattling of of silence in my brain. Or maybe it's just too mundane details. Or maybe it's just too self satisfied. But I, along with many others, love to hear/see your offerings.

  6. I love everything you have love it, so graphic, and the colour , glad you back, and thanks for such nice comments on my blog

  7. Glad to see you back with your lovely graphic designs of blues and grays.

  8. great words, great cards....xox

  9. This is a most excellent start "back to the world"! What a fabulous series and delightful p/c. I think your post about 2013 accomplishments says a lot. After reading Hanna's list and Tammy's (thanks for the link), then yours, I was able to fill in mine a little more and it made me realize I need a List (hooray - another list ;)) to keep track of what I do through the year. I've got vague things but not enough specifics - this year will be better. And Tammy made a good point about why to post it rather than just leave it in my journal - so I will!

    Looking forward to a busy, creative, inspirational 2014.

  10. Gorgeous. Everything.
    Keep up the awesome, awesome you. & see ya SOON! XO