Thursday, January 30, 2014

November series

This is a series I created back in November that I never blogged about.
Like with any series, there are some I like a lot better than others, but I find that my personal favorites are not always what others are drawn to, so I'm sharing the whole lot.

When I made them, I was feeling quite discouraged because they are so heavily influenced by the work I did in two different on-line classes.

There was a lot of hand-wringing and despair over being derivative, not having a voice, being stuck in a rut, and having no original ideas.

It's taken me a good two months to accept that I am just making excuses.  No amount of sitting back and whining is going to magically bring forth a fresh, never-before-seen approach to art.

The only way out is through.

Roll the paint

Pull the print.

Immerse yourself in the process.

Worry less about results.

Focus more on joyful experience.

When something works, do it again.
When it doesn't, cover it up.

When you're done, stick the whole batch in the mail and start again. 

Do the work. 

Nothing will change if you don't show up.


  1. Maybe three weeks ago I was in such a similar place. I made an art journal page about struggling with creativity, and how I was always falling back on the same old same--no emotion, no risk, no absurdity. I wished for some "magic instructions". And at the end I wrote, "I am being ridiculous.There is no secret. There is only the Doing." And since then, I've made more stuff than I've made in months. I got my absurdity back. Just by doing and doing. You are on the right track!

  2. I totally understand the part about being discouraged. I finally decided that I just have to do what makes me happiest. Some things I end up loving, some I think are hideous...but the bottom line is that it makes me feel good.

  3. Thanks I needed that. I feel the same way right now as I am in the midst of that class with Jane Davies. I am struggling with the same issues.

  4. Love these compositions but especially the colors. Very wise words.

  5. Oh so true, showing up is the best part. Love the work. xox

  6. Karen, these are NOT derivative--I am beginning to recognize your unique artistic voice when I see it, and I see this style over and over here. The colors, layers and shapes, the layering and composition are totally yours, and it's so cool watching your work evolve. Don't EVER stop, ok?

  7. Inspirational - again! I'm taking this advice to heart this weekend - I have a long weekend and instead of sitting on my butt doodling in my notebook, I'm going to get up, show up, and do some work. I hope I end up with pieces have as lovely as these! THANKS!

  8. Right on, Karen! You've spoken for all of us. I don't think there's anything totally new and not-yet-done in the universe, but we could die trying. As you say, just do it. It's yours just the way it is, as mine is mine, etc. We each have our own unique way of putting common elements together. Even when I TRY to make art that looks like someone else's, it just doesn't. So let's all honor our own paths through this thicket of artmaking.

  9. you have your own style, what connie rose said is right you might think you don't have a voice, but it comes through loud and clear in your art

  10. Awesome. Well said, Gal. Keep up all the fabulousness as you work your way through. CHeers to less hand wringing and more exploration, adventures, and enjoyment in the experiences. Love the last two especially.