Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Use My Stuff" week - part 4

Yesterday I mentioned the abundance of mail I get each week as the MMSA hostess.  Many of my swappers periodically send me lovely little bits of paper as a "hostess gift."
I get painted paper, images, text, book pages, and little bits of their own art in the form of ATCs and postcards.
I have a basket where I keep all those tidbits, and last weekend I was determined to use them!

I've started a gluebook in a blank journal.
I did a little outlining with pencil and crayon on a few of them, but they are mostly straight up cut-and-paste (for the sheer pleasure of cutting and pasting.)

These are such fun to make and can be done quite easily in front of the TV.
Most of my art is really messy - using lots of paint and wet glues.  As I result I typically only create in my studio.  It's nice to have something relatively neat and portable to do downstairs with the family, and it feels wonderful to be finally using all these treasures.


  1. Another wonderful idea to save and enjoy the creations that come your way.

  2. I agree that it's so fun to cut-and-paste, AND to have some portable art projects! Glue books are just about my favorite.

  3. Fabulous and fun idea!

  4. Another in a long line of terrific ideas.... Tearing and pasting for the sheer pleasure of it..... Ah.....I the pages....

  5. You must have a lot of great papers...your cards are delicious.