Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Use My Stuff" week - part 2

I'm involved in a junk journal project with members of my "super mail artists" group.  Each of us has an old book or journal that we are using as a place to make collages using papers sent by other members.
It's not a round robin - we keep our junk journals are the only people who work in them, but the collages will be made with materials sent by different people.
We've had two rounds so far.

Here are the collages made with Gina's stuff.  She sent a huge fat envelope of wonderful stuff and the day I got it I sat right down and whipped out two collages before dinner, but I haven't revisited her stash since then.

All of the next collages were made from Tina's stuff.
I was sitting at my coffee table Friday night watching a "Parks and Recreation" marathon and I was on a roll with Tina's papers.

I really like the challenge of working with a limited pile of materials, and it was far more satisfying doing this with friends than with strangers (like yesterday's cards).  Though all of us in the SMA group have different styles, we share an overall sensibility.  The papers I've received for this project have all inspired and excited me rather than frustrating and disappointing me.  Lesson learned - don't swap with strangers.


  1. These are fabulous. I like the idea of limited materials that you have to create from. Good stuff. xox

  2. Oooooh how wonderful! Where can I sign up to be a part of this?

  3. I agree -- I like swapping with friends and i love a limited pile of materials. So fun. Everything looks great, Karen.

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun.