Friday, August 1, 2014

Every day but the 4th of July

And so another year of ICAD draws to a close.
I remembered to make art 60 of the 61 days, (curse you national holiday for throwing me off my game!) and ended with a stack of 86 cards.

Here are the last of them for your viewing pleasure....

These two were "oh crap, I'm so busy packing for vacation I almost forgot to make art" cards.
Thankful, yet again, for the stack of gelli-printed index cards on my table.


The first of the vacation cards came after a full day of packing, driving, unpacking, grocery shopping, and hugging family members as they arrived in shifts.  It also used the last of my pre-painted index cards.

Monday's was a quick scrap-bag collage sandwiched between swimming, card games, jigsaw puzzles and trashy novels.

These next four are part of the great "UVA" experiment. (My niece is headed off to the University of Virginia in a few weeks and is commissioning a piece of art for a customized iPhone case that will look "UVA-ish")  I pulled out the gelli plate and paints and stamps and such and had an extended art session experimenting with appropriate shades of blue and orange.
7-29-14 (1)

7-29-14 (2)

7-29-14 (3)

7-29-14 (4)

 Those experiments will continue, but in the meantime I was happy to return to my usual palette on Wednesday:

Last night's card resorted to the quick scrap collage once more, as all nine of us were sitting down to watch "Tim's Vermeer" and I might have been voted off the island if I'd kept up the snipping, rustling and crinkling.  
(The movie was wonderful and fascinating and I highly recommend it)
My hope, now that ICAD is over, is that I will use my remaining 9 days of vacation to make and send some mail art to the dozens of people on my "respond" list.
Perhaps I can find a few minutes in between the pie-eating and nap-taking.


  1. Brilliant!! I am now banned from snipping while watching a film with the family. I think it was the frequent page tearing (at various speeds for variety and experimentation) that finally did for me :(


    1. oh yes - the tearing is completely unacceptable in the company of others! as well as the sound of packing tape being torn from the roll.

  2. ps Have you seen Kolaj magazine? I think you'd like it......

  3. Yup...non-paper people just don't "get" us!

  4. Well done. Beats me how you find the time.

  5. I fell far short on ICAD this year, but enjoyed the little bit that I did. I love your cards with the vintage people images on fun!

  6. DON't! Do NOT interrupted pie eating!

  7. Holy crap on a cracker, I LOVE those orange ones. Your composition is the ne plus ultra.