Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book in progress

After an extremely busy back-to-school period at work, I finally found some time and energy for art.

You may recall I'm participating in two different collaborative art journal round-robins. I've had Mandy's book for a month, and was supposed to mail it out by September 1st,  but I just couldn't get out of my own way.
Finally, here it is, a week late.

Since this is a collaborative project, some of these pages are things I'd consider invitations for my partners to work on.  Other pages were already started when I received the book, and I added to them.  Mandy chose a 1962 math text book as her journal.  You can see equations in the background on most of these pages.

This first one arrived with a painted background and random reptile limb.  I added the vacuum cleaner.

Here's a page I started from scratch. The face is "found art" from my blotter paper that I cut out and glued here.
How well can you compute?

Lynn made the background on this one:

A strange invitation for Gina or Carroll to alter.

A simple scrap collage.  I suppose it could stand on its own, but additional elements are welcomed and encouraged in this group.

 Cracking myself up with this one:
(the text says "do not bother with names")

The more I look at this one, the more I like it.

I already have Carroll's journal in my possession, with three weeks to work in it.  I feel like the past few days with Mandy's book has built a momentum - perhaps Carroll's will go out in the mail early!
(those of you who know me, can all stop laughing now.)

I don't think I ever posted the work I did in Lynn's book back in July.  I'll save that for another day.


  1. Fantastic stuff. I'm enjoying the outlines in the last one, and laughing when I look at 'WHOOSH'

  2. What excellent collaborative stuff! Inventive as usual for you. I really like that last one too - those journals look like a blast!

  3. What fun! I also just love the last one - eye candy. And the one above it is hilarious, plus I love the color and texture of the background.

  4. OMG! That reptile limb was mine and I love what you did with it! It kindof reminds me of my mantra ..."I'm not a hoarder because there are no dead critters under my piles..." The outlines on that last one are wonderful!...and "yes" the people are okay since they are ridiculous! I can't wait to see it in person... XO..Mandy

  5. I especially LOVE the reptile postcard!

  6. OMG, I look forward to laughing again when I receive the book in the mail!

  7. The first card -- IS my vacuum cleaner (or if you are from Pittsburgh we don't say vacuum, we call them "sweepers") My sweeper is always burning up belts or making low growling noises. I think my pets are to much for it or there is a creature living in the machine!

  8. These pages are so fun, Karen! I love the addition of the vacuum cleaner, the blotter paper face looks like ME when I'M trying to calculate!, and "do not bother with names" is pretty laugh out loud! :-)

  9. Hey Karen...on June 3rd you posted about a round robin you were using an altered book for. Any chance you'd be willing to post a tutorial about that process? Several of us would like to try a RR like that, but are wondering how it works. Thanks!

  10. Dear Karen;

    It is a pleasure catching up with your website thingie. Thank you so much for continuing to post things on it hoping I would see them.

    Don't bother with names. You know whom I amb.