Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Got my groove back

You know that huge list of bookmarks you've got stored on your computer?  All those links to tutorials and inspiring techniques that you'll "try someday"? The list that is way easier to add to than to go back and use?
Of course you know that list.
We all have that list.

Last week, I actually picked something on my list, watched all sixteen videos on the tutorial page, and then (lo and behold) sat down to do some work!

And just like that, I seemed to have snapped out of my months-long art funk.  I devoted most of my weekend to art, and came away with 20 collages over a 3 day period.

And maybe, just maybe, this will also get me out of my blogging funk since I have such a back-log of things to share.

Today I share this.
Inspired by the fabulous collage art of Laura Lein-Svencer and the techniques she generously shares on her tutorials page.


  1. Interesting - it looks like your style, but not (more subdued colors). I've recently started following Laura so will skip on over and check out her tutorials. I really enjoy her style, so maybe it will get me back in the art room too! :) Glad to see you back.....

  2. I wondered where you had been! Glad to see new work.

  3. Holy cow! I must soak in her tutes! That first tack down was so cool.... What a find.

  4. Very cool! I have been in a funk too. Today was the first time I painted in months and can't even remember my last blog post. I probably have 100 bookmarks to choose from, will choose one tomorrow and blog about it! Thanks for the inspiration! !!

  5. Laura is a fave...and definitely an inspiration. Your piece works wonderfully well, and is reminiscent of Laura'a style.

  6. God don't you just love the feeling of getting out a funk?! So happy for you!! YAY OCTOBER! Uncustomary Art.

  7. Holy fucking crap this is good. You rock.

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