Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eleven days

The pleasure of the ICAD challenge.

Don't think.

Use what's at hand.

Use materials you hardly ever use.

Try something new.

Revert to your comfort zone.

There's nothing at stake.

It's just an index card.

And yet my index cards over the last four years are some of my favorite things I've ever done.

And the scrap pile gets marginally smaller day by day.

What's not to love?


  1. I agree! You have described ICAD perfectly! And, your cards are terrific!

  2. Excellent work! so happy to see your ever evolving art again.

  3. Now I am all re-inspired....and way behind. Thanks Karen!

  4. Awesome! Number one is my favorite (or is it actually #2?)

  5. But I'm still trying to use up 2013 and 2014 cards!!! :D I gave myself permission to take this year off, but maybe, just maybe, I'll catch up!

  6. You nailed it! So simply but perfectly described. I'm having a little trouble making the time but am still committed. It's such a great kick start and fun to see what people do when there's "nothing at stake".....

  7. This is the best challenge I've ever done and I've done it for three years now. It may be saving us both.