Saturday, June 20, 2015

The week in index cards

I am in the midst of a making frenzy.
Work is insanely busy, but I am compelled, driven, dare I say obsessed? with making index cards.  For each one I deem "finished" there are a half dozen or more in various states of completion.

Inspiration comes from so many places - this week from the trendy colors of consumer goods found in Target.  Clearly I'm not using enough gray.


Patterns are everywhere.
I take pictures of my favorite summer clothes and replicate the designs on index cards.  I make and make and make until the design is no longer recognizable.

There is too much paint left on the palette, and I grab a blank card, and another and another until the paint is gone. The cards pile up.

When it's way past bedtime and you realize you didn't make today's card, you grab one of those "leftovers" and slap a chicken on it.

I am scattered in a million directions.
I look up and find myself on a road that doesn't lead to where I meant to go.
This seems to be both literal and metaphorical.
It's not necessarily a bad thing.

My week is a blur of color and shading and half-formed images, and half-completed ideas.  I really hope I've accomplished all the things I think I've accomplished.
I left the burner on for a few hours the other night.
I probably need a spotter.
I should probably go to sleep.

But oh it feels good to want to make things.


  1. Yay! Sounds like you're having a fantastic time! Your cards are wonderful!

  2. Slap a chicken on it! HA!

    these are great!

  3. love 'em -- and I see an SF Muni transfer on one too. Remember that bus ride????

  4. Great inspiration - I'm loving my index cards too. I've been in a creative funk and the cards are gradually pulling me out of it. Yay for ICAD. - love your variety and just FUN ideas.

  5. Karen, your style is wonderful. I always cheer up when I see your work.
    I am so maxed out, I totally know what you mean. Sometimes the only thing I have room for is index cards. I'm at work now, and should be working, but I said, enough is enough: I'm going to read Karen's blog. What's it been... a YEAR?

    You don't have time to read this comment.

  6. I am crazy for every piece in this series! You know I'd lay an egg for that chicken! LOL.

    I take macros of fabric and buttons from my clothes. The patterns in the weave are as fascinating as the fabric patterns. You're having tons of fun, girl! :)