Friday, July 12, 2013

Late Night ICAD

Tuesday night:
Home at midnight after seeing Belle and Sebastian play in Boston.
Spent the drive home wracking my brain for index card inspiration.
Settled on the opening line of one of their songs.

Wednesday night:
Tired from a long day at work and a short night of sleep after last night's outing.  No index card ideas whatsoever.  Idly snipping up more of last year's unfinished index cards, trying to keep car hair out of the matte medium.  Finally using this great bit of a text from a postcard from Mary

Thursday night:
Dinner guest.  Lots of food and wine.  Ready for bed, but first an index card.
I just so happen to have a pre-painted card, received in the mail from Sandra.
And some cheap spotted packing tape, newly acquired.
And some text from Terrie in today's mail.
and for the life of me I can't remember who recently sent me that image, but I'm so grateful to all my swapping friends for showering me with collage fodder!
(I crack myself up)

Friday Night:
Even though I went to bed last night vowing to make my index card in the morning before work, I find myself at 10PM without one.  I spent the evening sorting and swapping the 106 monochromatic orange postcards for my most recent MMSA swap.  Once everything was stamped and labeled and appropriately documented, I sifted through all the empty envelopes, decided which could be reused, and cutting off all the interesting bits of the others before recycling them.
Here is my index card using bits of envelope from Lynn, Carroll, Mandy, Noel, Jan and Ria.

I am so thankful for this challenge.  Without it, there is no way I would have made any art this week.
My daily card habit, coupled with my year-long collage challenge, gets me in such a creative groove that even when I'm falling-down-tired-and-almost-incoherent, I can still make something I like.
Thank you Tammy and Hanna for these inspiring and motivating challenges.


  1. Yes, lets discontinue ironing altogether. Too funny, you crack me up too. xox

  2. I 1ove the cards you've shared! I'm so greatfu1 for the cha11enge as we11! I think it's great to get in some sort of creating every day if possib1e!

  3. I agree, and I agree. Great cards here - and to think you come up with this stuff when you're dead tired and uninspired - whatever will you do when you actually have time to think and plan your art???? I'm waiting......eagerly! :)

  4. 5 comments in 1...
    1. No way you can keep cat hair out of matte medium.
    2. Amusing yourself is the most important.
    3. Irons should only be used for crafting purposes
    4. I adore your cheap spotted packing tape.
    5. Pre-painted cards come in handy sometimes. :)

  5. If you're casting about for themes, how about: "Keeping car hair out of the matte medium." (Thinking of a harrowing picture of someone touching a van de graff generator. Or, even better, a Volkswagen Beetle with an AquaNetted, beehive up-do touching a van de graff generator.)

    If all else fails, apply humor . . .

  6. Great group of ICADs! My pick is the one with the ironing board and the caption is

  7. you are super many late night cards. I'm uber impressed and love what you can create at that time of night. love Thursday's. i currently don't even own an iron and finally confessed to my mother. very liberating! good luck with that cat fur. any tips, please let me know!!!