Sunday, July 7, 2013

some cards are better than others

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself that I've made an index card collage every single day since June 1st.  I haven't skipped a single day of the challenge so far, and I've made 74 index cards in those 36 days!

Of course some days are better than others. Some days there is a seemingly endless supply of time, energy and inspiration. On those days we get multiple intricate layers, and perhaps a series of cards exploring a common element.  Some days it feels like nothing short of a miracle that I brushed my teeth, let alone that I made art.  On those days we get...well you can judge for yourself.
But that's the beauty of ICAD.
It's not about creating a masterpiece every day.   It's about showing up. Just grab a card and make something.  Keep the creative momentum going.  Don't over think it.  Make a mark.  Stick something down.  Play every day.

This card from July 3rd uses images sent to me in recent swaps, and a gelatin print on deli paper.
ICAD 7-3-13

Last year, I made an index card every day during June, then I started having some health issues and I slowed way down and eventually stopped.  I've had a stack of partially painted and unused index cards in a box on my desk for the last year.  On July 4th, when I nearly forgot to do my index card, I started cutting up those background cards from last year.  I had a dictionary page on my desk and the word "continuation" popped out at me.  It seemed fitting.  It was a super quick collage and I kind of felt like I was phoning it in.
ICAD 7-4-13

Then came July 5th.   It seemed as though I was the only person in the state of Massachusetts who had to work.  It was a long, hot day.  I'd been home long enough to change my clothes and have some dinner when the phone rang.  It was my son, calling from a campground where he was supposed to be spending 4 days with a friend.  He'd been there 24 hours, barely slept, had a terrible sunburn and wanted to come home.  His trembling 12 year old voice, trying not to cry in front of his friend, was more than this mama could bear.  I hopped in the car and drove 90 minutes to collect my tired lobster and take him home.  It was 11PM by the time we were back in the house, and it was only after he was in bed that I remembered I hadn't done my index card.  I realize the world wouldn't have ended if I'd just gone to bed.  I wouldn't have failed. The goal was 61 index cards and I've already passed that mark.
But because I'd already had this thought the night before, I was able to create the card below in about 2 minutes.  Glue down a strip from the yellow pages, use my phone rubber stamp, stamp the words on a separate index card and cut them out, then head to bed (giggling).
ICAD 7-5-13

Today was a long leisurely day of blogging, making art, carving new stamps, and sending mail.  And 11PM rolls around and I realize I still haven't made my index card!  Luckily I rarely clean my desk and have some wonderful scraps strewn about.  I grab a background card from last year, add some tissue paper and scraps leftover from another project, and I'm done for the day.
ICAD 7-6-13

 Now I'm off to bed.
Maybe tomorrow I'll make my card as soon as I wake up....


  1. I do love it when they seem to make themselves!

    Hope the sunburn is getting better.

  2. Great story. Hope the lobsta is feeling back to himself again. I love your first one, it reminds me of every nun I iever knew.....LOL xox

  3. Love your cards and you are a wonderful mom. Hope your lobsta is less pink and feeling a lot better...

  4. I actually saw these on flickr but it's fun to read the why's and wherefores here. The wicked little grin on the first card is just hilarious and I love the papers on the 7/6 card. Great work as always....I haven't had too much trouble staying on track with ICAD either - will probably keep going even after the 61 days are's such a great jump start!

  5. So inspiring! I'm doing the ICAD project as well, and though I initially thought there way no way I'd keep it up -- I LOVE IT. Small pieces or artwork as so doable! Lynn

  6. Always fun to hear the back stories on cards. LOVE that first card especially! I'm glad you rescued your little boy...good mama!

  7. I'm proud of you for completing this with such vigor. I love the "phoning it in" one.

  8. Who sent you my picture??? I knew I should have worn my dentures!

  9. Fantastic ICAD cards Karen! Thanks for sharing your story for each card. I'm so impressed by your determination to stay on track. Though I'm staying more or less caught up I'm not as dedicated to ensuring I do one each and every day this year. My 365 collages theory of "catching up on the weekend if I need" has worn off on my ICAD practice. You do beautiful work at 11pm! xxxx