Monday, October 28, 2013

G is for....

golf ball, glacier, group, goldfish, gumball, gecko, gift, gingko, green, giraffe, glasses,
goldfinch, glove, and glass building.

(swap-bot, "pick a letter - receiver's choice" in which my partner chose a letter of the alphabet, and I created a postcard using at least five images that begin with that letter)

G also stands for goofball, but I refrained from including a picture of myself.


  1. Haha! A lovable goofball you are!

  2. Aww, why not, I would join you in that group anyday. xox

  3. Hee hee! You are so productive! amazing all the things you accomplish, while also being a riot.

  4. wow it all works great together, what a great collage

  5. I love the spectacles on the horse, and the gecko licking his lips in anticipation of swallowing the goldfish or the goldfinch - or perhaps both. Great, glorious, and galumphingly goofy.