Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pretty good for a Wednesday night

A messy art table.

A faithful companion.

Graham crackers.

Singing along to old favorites.

A certain 13 year old happy to be on vacation.

The best dad ever distracting him from the pain of his new braces.

The sound of their mingled laughter floating up the stairs.

 Layers and layers and layers of paint.

The pile of gelatin printed file folders grows.

Lots to be thankful for.


  1. an excellent Wednesday night! We got back from Northampton this afternoon. I'm supposed to be working but am browsing running shoes and books. -.-

    Gelatin printmaking--so much fun!

  2. Love the colors! A night well spent!

  3. What a great post. Love the messy desk. Mine mostly always looks like that so it's fun to see another one as bad off. A messy desk is the sign of a fertile mind! Also love the kitty - mine is on my lap as I type. And the file folders are wonderful. I'm still in love with all things aqua and the touch of white works really well. Glad you had a productive evening!

  4. So reassuring to see the messy work area, that's how mine looks 90 per cent of the time. My old dining table 'desk' with all its splotches will one day be a work of art in itself, and I can see that yours will be too.
    The printed file folders are great, and the colours say 'Karen' to me. I have to say though that my sofa is smarter than yours, with the lovely paint-printed cloth you sent me draped over the back - makes me think of you every time I spend time in the studio.

  5. Sounds perfect. Mess is very comfortable for me.

  6. Loving those gelli folders, they take paint so well. What are we making now? xox

  7. Lovely. Wednesday night is good. Messy desk is good. Pet the kitty. Be happy.

  8. Sounds like a perfect evening!

    Love that picture of your work table - I showed it to my husband as proof that I am not the only one. He wasn't comforted by this.

    Commiserations on the braces pain - both of mine went through it and it's dreadful.


  9. Lucky lady. the file folder art is cool and SO you! and my art table looks like that more often than not!!

  10. FunderFULL! Smooches and Purrrrrrrs to Mr.Jake too please :D. XO, G

  11. Oh my. Braces have changed a great deal since I wore them...but one thing has never changed, and that's the indescribable ache they cause in one's mouth, jaw, neck and head when they are first put on and tightened. All these years later I still remember it very clearly. I ate alot of tapioca pudding back then!