Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loose ends

I've been painting backgrounds on card stock and making single journal pages.
I'm pounding some out quickly, just to keep practicing and trying new techniques.

I rather like this next one

But I don't want to just pile up the loose papers, I want them in a book. But I wasn't ready to start working in a book, I needed to start one page at a time.
So after a few weeks, I folded all my painted pages into bundles, and hand-stitched them together into a book block. I ripped the guts out of an old hardcover book and pasted the book block into the cover with some marbled end papers. I gessoed the cover, but the spine started to crack. I used some of Lauren's excellent duct tape to reinforce it. Waiting for inspiration to strike before I decorate the cover.

It's fat with partially painted papers, just calling for more paint!

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