Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiny Days

I sat down to make a small accordion-folded book to fit between two of my small collage squares. Making a tiny book got me singing Scruffy the Cat's "Tiny Days", which would probably have happened anyway, but was a particularly meaningful brain leap this week. We recently learned that Charlie Chesterman has colon cancer and there was a benefit concert in Iowa on the 9th to raise money for his treatments. Ric's podcast this week was a tribute to Charlie - recorded to coincide with the benefit, so I've had Scruffy songs on a loop in my head for days.

I didn't go into the book-making project with anything in mind, but with the song in my head I quickly painted each tiny page, used a different home-made stamp on each, and wrote out the chorus.

The pictures aren't great, but this tiny package puts a huge smile on my face.

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