Monday, July 11, 2011


EPIC FAIL. All my photos have disappeared from the blog.
I was messing around with google yesterday. I have two gmail addresses, and I apparently I used one to create a google account and create the blog. not sure why the "iamrushmore" gmail address wasn't used. I decided to change it so that my blog name, email address, flickr account and google account were all the same. It took forever but I thought I finally figured it out. It involved creating a NEW google account, inviting myself to be an author on this blog, giving myself admin rights of the blog, removing the admin rights of my first self, and then deleting the wrong google account. It all seemed to work. Blog looked great. Even got a comment last night.

But in deleting my account, I deleted all my google reader subscriptions and all the blogs I follow. damn. I started going through my bookmarks and browser history and resubscribing to all my blogs. but I couldn't follow any of them. some even said "the owner of this blog has blocked you". WTF? And I'm also trying to figure out why blogs are now saying "join" with google friend connect instead of "follow".

So I hop over here to see if my own blog has "follow" or "join" and OOOOHHHHHNOOOOOO.

And yeah, somewhere in the labyrinth of google help pages it says that deleting an administrator could delete all the photos that administrator posted. damndamndamndamndamn.

so I will begin the painstaking process of reloading my pictures. (and trying to guess from the context of the posts which pictures went where.



  1. OoooOOOooooNooooo that sounds very frustrating. Good luck in fixing everything.

  2. Boohoo, I read about that happening to someone else and I am extremely careful not to delete anything. I don't know what the join this site thing either and all of a sudden the posting window is completely changed. Is it all for good - doubt it.
    Good luck retrieving everything. xox Corrine

  3. good luck, everytime I try something, something happens, the last time I lost some of my favs and I am still trying to get them on again