Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crusade No. 53

Hooray, it's crusade time again! This month has us blending and naming colors. Go visit Michelle's site for the full mission, and join the crusade!

My story starts with this little envelope made from my hand-painted paper.

I love the green color in here, and haven't been able to figure out which paint color I used. I have lots of bottles of green paint, and whenever I use them I'm disappointed. They're just too GREEN.I decided this particular green must be a blend of the blue and yellow paints I used, but which blue? which yellow?

just some of my paint bottles....

Time to become the mad scientist! I chose the blues and yellows I thought were most likely to give me the magic blend and even added I few I was pretty sure wouldn't work, but I was being open minded.

Some systematic blending came next:

Then it was time to compare: DEFINITELY none of these!
This is getting closer:

This could be the one!

We have a winner! I've decided to name it "Elusive"

My recipe:

yellow + calypso sky = elusive

What surprised me the most was the shade of yellow. It's the palest of all my yellows - almost pastel - and I color I rarely use. I tend toward the deepest, most vibrant almost-orange yellows (think school bus). This particular yellow is cool and pale - a little darker than butter, but not as bright as a lemon. I threw it in the mix in the spirit of open mindedness. Glad I did since it solved the mystery of the envelope green.

In honor of my new color, I created this journal page:

Happy crusading everyone!


  1. Karen, I love your experiment! First, the envelope is lovely! Fun to see you backtrack to figure out how you got that mix. Very entertaining...and some hidden tips in there like putting a swab of paint color on the bottle tops. Very clever! Love your color name! And the page is very fun, honoring your process. Thanks for sharing with the team!!

  2. WOW - this was super cool to read and follow your science experiment! I love the tops of your bottles too... clever!!!

  3. Awesome post! I love all the greens you came up with and the name
    is great, too!

  4. Great post! We are all supposed to keep track of our formulas but I haver do,I enjoy serendity more, so I wing it, but great to see you explanation and color work. xox Corrine

  5. Elusive is the perfect name for your newly re-discovered colour. I loved seeing all the bottles with their paint colour on the lids; I do the same thing with mine and find them really inspiring.

  6. Love the search, love the name and all your mad experimenting. Thanks for sharing it with the street team!

  7. Love the way you did this!

  8. Your journal page is beautiful! I'm happy you found the mix because it is a" super elusive" colour! Happy to follow a mad scientist at work!

  9. Elusive! Love it - you have gone all out to track this one down! A true Crusader!

  10. This is a great post, I loved reading about your experiment.

  11. Whoa ! I love the background of your journal page !

  12. Nicely done! Sometimes I mix a great color and then I cannot figure out how I got there no matter what. Obviously, I don't keep journals with my color mixes and such ...Great experiment and your colors turned out great.