Thursday, July 28, 2011

Traveling index cards

I've been a food geek for years - taking my Chef's knife and food processor and coffee maker on vacation with me. This year is no exception. Only this year I'm also an art geek. It was all I could do to not pack my entire studio. It was only the size limits of the Prius that forced me to limit my choices. (My packing philosophy is "fill the space you have". If we drove an SUV I'd be bringing furniture on vacation).

Lately, all I want to do is make art and I figured this burning passion would follow me to the Cape. I knew, at the very least, I wanted to continue with my ICAD challenge away from home. I've managed to make an index card every day, but overall, I haven't been that interested in making art this week. It makes me realize how much art is an escape and refuge from the stress of real life. On vacation, surrounded by extended family and non-stop fun, I am already removed from reality and so I haven't been seeking refuge in art. It's not that I haven't enjoyed making my cards, it's that I haven't NEEDED to make them.

Here's what I've created this week:
This was a background I painted at home before I left. I'm such a geek that I brought my printer/scanner/copier with my on vacation!

The owner of our rental house is an artist and many of her works hang on the walls. The above card was inspired by her stuff.

An attempt to do something less messy and to work on my rudimentary drawing skills.

Tape transfer over a painted background with more paint on top

I discovered that I can run a painted index card through my printer.
This is one of my beach pictures printed over a painted background with more paint on top.

I think I might turn this into my new business card

stamping with pine needles and beach grass from the yard


  1. Those are all wonderful -- I am impressed and inspired! Hope I am getting one.

  2. These are fantastic!!! I love your backgrounds!

  3. Love your cards! can't beat actual paint on a surface...and the salamander is really fun!

  4. love your cards and what a great idea of running your index card thru your printer, I will try it.