Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Mail

I have been the worst kind of correspondent.  The one who receives gorgeous pieces of art in the mail and completely fails to recognize, thank or respond to the senders.  I really was brought up properly, all evidence to the contrary.  When did I become the person who doesn't sent thank you notes?  Sorry, Mom.  This is not your fault.

SO, I've been making amends - posting notes of thanks and pictures on IUOMA, posting pictures here, and BEST of all - sending out mail.  14 pieces went out today. I will sleep better tonight.  And maybe my mailbox won't be so empty.

Helloooo in there.....

If you want to GET good mail, you've got to SEND good mail.  It's obvious, of course, but it's easier to sit and pine and whine than to actually keep up with the making and the sending.  Pamela, of Cappuccino and Art Journal wrote this great post about how to get good mail.  I'm taking it to heart and sending lots more. (including one to her since she sent me a great card).

HERE are some of the beautiful and fun things I've received lately:

An amazing envelope of goodies from Leanne. Boy, do I love those crows!

Gorgeous round postcard from Mad Madge
from Bruno in Spain

Front and back of postcard from Pamela

from Angie & Snooky

Two from Corinne (curse you, PO for your random stickers on postcards)

front and back from Pat

from PostMuse

two from Erica

from Matthew

from Millicent - made on a road trip using only things she found in her car! How cool is that?

Here's a peek at what I sent out. I'll put the close-ups on my flickr stream some day, but I don't like to ruin the mail surprise for the recipients.

Want to get good mail?  Send me some at PO Box 532, Shrewsbury MA 01545.  I promise I'll send you something in return! -Karen


  1. thanks for all the great information and I loved everything

  2. Thanks for visiting - and I LOVE the idea of "good mail" - mine is on its way to you..... Enjoy!