Monday, August 15, 2011

vacation card #3

There are 10 of us sharing a 200 year old house on the coast of Rhode Island this week.  Three couples who go back 25 years and 4 exuberant kids ranging in age from 3-10.  Another rainy day has not kept us in the house.  Two walks to the beach and a long trip to the playground later and everything I brought is wet, but life is good.  I've been working my way through all the great artists participating in paint party friday, I finally wrote about my color experiment for the street team, I took a nap, rode my rip-stick all around the playground, and made this little collage.  I LOVE vacation.

I took some of yesterdays Neocolor experiments and combined them into today's card.   The background card had an aborted sketch of a hibiscus with a particularly obscene stamen which I have covered up.  I ripped another colored card and a white card and glued them down.  Painted over a piece of newspaper I was using to test my black Sharpies, ripped it out and glued it down.  Cut out little spiral patterns from my gum wrappers and glued them down and then drew over them with more Neocolors and Sharpies.  I found dozens of strange plastic mesh circles washed up on the beach.  (Our little private cove is home to all kinds of strange flotsam and jetsam. The less romantic in our group just calls it trash).  I took a few back to the house and used them with my black ink pad to stamp the little grid pattern in various places.  I added a few more circles with a white Sharpie paint pen.

It's very fun to "make do" and see what I can make.  It's a good reminder that you don't need every new fancy product to make art.  Heck, if I was feeling REALLY brave I wouldn't have packed anything and figured out how to make are with a pencil.  (imagine that).

We planned to spend this rainy day drawing with crayons on hot rocks from the beach but the oven died last night.  I'm really really hoping to find our landlord tomorrow so we can get the oven working again.  Hot rocks are SO much fun and we've been waiting since last August to do it again.  Plus my plan for scones with every meal has been thwarted after the first batch Sunday morning.  Had to settle for homemade pancakes today :)

More fun tomorrow - with or without an oven.


  1. Love all that texture! How creative you are to use the flotsam and jetsam. :) Thanks for your kind comment on My Blog.

  2. Sounds like a pretty fun time! But i hope the oven gets fixed.

  3. Sounds like a marvelous vacation! Crayons on hot rocks - what a neat idea! I would love that and I know the kids did. Your art collage above is so pretty. I love the colors and the accents of white and of goldish. Have a great, relaxing, artful time.

  4. Trash - oh shush to them! Trash is our gift for re-creation right? Great stamping with found objects. Sounds like you are not minding the rain at all. xox Corrine