Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

I've had a visitation.  
It might possibly be a miracle.
Here it is, WOYWW, and I'm mucking about with some index cards.

 LO and BEHOLD.  A vision.  Right there on my blotter.
Can you see it?
You might need to squint or turn your head.

It's not Jesus.  It's not the BVM
Think barnyard.....

It's a chicken!  Manifesting itself right here in my humble spare bedroom/studio.
Truly amazing, no?

What's on YOUR workdesk this Wednesday?


  1. lol... I saw a red bunny (turned the other way), with orange ears and a fluffy white tail. ahhh... the psychology of paint smears. ;O)

  2. Cool bird you - sensing a little Carla Sonheim your most busy desk, makes me feel at home. xox Corrine