Wednesday, February 29, 2012

composition class

So I'm taking Jane Davies' class "Keys to Dynamic Composition" and lesson 3 was just posted today and I've only just begun to explore lessson 1.
and I've been avoiding the class blog because I didn't want to be influenced by other people's work, but I finally popped over there today and holy crap there's some great stuff going on.  great art, great conversation, great feedback and instruction.  
what the hell have I been doing?
sometimes the social aspect of online classes is just too much for me, but I think I've been missing out this time.

So there's my first attempt at lesson 1, which had us focusing on repeated shapes and creating both variety and unity in our composition.

It's finally snowing here in Massachusetts after the mildest winter in a billion years. (that's the official meteorological statistic, by the way).
I'm really really hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can dig into this class.

The local kids say that if you wear your pajamas inside out when you go to bed, schools will be cancelled in the morning.

Guess what I'm doing tonight.


  1. I've also heard that if you flush an ice cube down the toilet and sleep with a wooden spoon under your pillow you'll have a snow day! Ha! (Normally I would consider Buffalo & the surrounding suburbs experts on the white stuff, but even we haven't had a snow day this year!)


    p.s. Would it be okay if I pinned your super-cool marbleizing tutorial? (with credit to you and a link back to the post, of course)

  2. I love taking online classes but I'm the worst about joining in the discussions. I'm usually a very "silent" student but there's always a lot to be learned from the other students as well as the teacher.

    I'll wear my jammies inside out and hope it helps you get a snow day!!

  3. I never even knew there were "methods" to ensure snow days! Of course, living in CA doesn't really lend itself to those fun little stories.....but I like them :)
    I don't think me doing it will help you...I tend to put my jammies on in whatever state I last left, they are inside out often....and apparently that hasn't done anything to effect your Winter ;P

    I'd love to join a million classes....but the time does just slip away sometimes...
    C'mon snow day!!

  4. I LOVE the orange circle layer piece. Have fun on your snow day...YIPPEE!!

  5. I am taking a couple of online highschool classes, and I love it! The discussions are mandatory, but I would do them anyway :) Where are you taking the online class at?

  6. I'm so envious that you're taking a JD class! I've been eyeing them forever and can't quite justify the cost just now. I think. She just announced a new one about painting/collaging flowers that's just SO intriguing. Or maybe it's the season....dead winter and nary a petal in sight. I'm arguing with myself about that class... Thanks so much for sharing what you're learning and working on. I like your first shape - not a square, not a circle, much more appealing. Looking forward to more.

  7. we always have so much snow, nobody here ever gets a snow day. Loving your pages, and I wear my PJs alot.