Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Thing

Two things are dominating my thoughts today.  First, I started reading Jill Berry’s  book “Personal Geographies” and I can’t stop thinking about all the maps I want to make.  Second, Tammy has been musing about photo organization over on Daisy Yellow and encouraged us to doodle our photo path from camera to blog.

Computer organization is easy for me.   I’m a linear thinker.  I love lists and outlines.  My computer is full of folders and sub folders that are clearly labeled in ways that make sense to me.  I can find just about any document, photo, or scanned artwork in seconds.

If only the rest of my life was like that.  I have so many ideas in my head that I’m trying to pin down right now.  I wish I could say it looked like this:

 Instead, this is the sad reality – no less than SIX little notebooks scattered about, and a purse full of crumpled post-it notes.

But if you look back at that neatly organized bulletin board, you can see I was contemplating the “29 faces challenge” over at AyalaArt.  (one face for every day in February).  I still might do it for the sake of practice, but the thing is – my faces suck and don’t make for very good blogging.  My best posts were when I was being interviewed by Amy back in October.

So in February, I’m going to tell you 29 things about me that you may not already know – complete with illustrations, and maybe even maps.  Today I leave you with these sketchbook pages I made a few years ago, when my life was in chaos and I had both a desperate need and some time to try and tame it through visual journals.


  1. I had to smile at this one! Most creative types don't have that strong organizational, linear thinking gene, but I do too! Like you, my computer is a perfectly organized filing system; my art room is tidy with things put away; BUT, like you I have notebooks and scraps of notepaper everywhere that haven't quite made it to computer or master list somewhere. But there's so many good ideas jotted there that I can't just toss 'em! That's one of those "I thought I was the only one" things so it's nice to know I'm not alone! :)

  2. Looking forward to the 29 things list....(I am an artist and a list maker as well)...

  3. I want to see a map doll of you! Isn't the book great. When I have time, ha ha, I want to dive in and make so many things. xox Corrine

  4. that book is on my to buy list, i love maps, and mapping, and i like to make lists as well, and cant wait to see the 29 things about you,

  5. I am an organic random thought leading to another completely different thought that was somehow connected in my mind. Drives my Husband nutso!!!! Haha!
    Turns out my daughter has this ability, too....and she'll bring something up out of the blue and I'll just get it....always makes me smile :)

    I love your lists and little sketches....can't wait for new ones everyday...
    ...and I loved that interview, too.....entertaining stuff!!!