Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Likes me best

I met this guy in 1987.  We were college sophomores, hired by the University to do the same summer job.  Not long after we met, he admitted he had a crush on me.  My response?  "Oh great - that's all I need".  Thankfully he kept hanging around until I came to my senses.  In 1994, as we drove home from a friend's wedding, he said "I guess if you want to get married next summer that's all right with me". 

As you can see, our particular brand of romance is not very mushy-hearts-and-flowers.  
He gave me gum for Valentine's Day.  
It was the perfect gift.

Once, in a conversation about how I knew Ric was THE ONE, I answered, "he drives me less crazy than anyone I know."

It's true.
Plus he plays all the good records and none of the bad ones.
And he makes me laugh and he makes me think and he is never, ever boring.

That first summer, a friend observed "Ric likes Karen best".
25 years later it's still true.


  1. All of this is accurate, including the part with the orange.

  2. I love that page, I love that your hubby commented on your page, oh aint love grand

  3. This made me smile...and your Hubby commenting on your blog didn't make me jealous at all...haha ;P

    Love the lettering on your valentine!

  4. Aw, cute, good thing you stuck around. xox Corrine

  5. what a heartwarming story ! And I love that you did a stamp from him as well... so cute.. what a lovely couple you are ♥