Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How hard can it be?

I really like a challenge.  Or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.  Lately, I see an opportunity like nothing I've ever done before and say "sure, why not?  how hard can it be?"  

for example:
I'm coordinating an art swap group on Flutterbye.  Amy put out a call for martyrs volunteers and I answered. I seriously hope I'm not in over my head.  You all have to go to Flutterbye RIGHT NOW and join the group so that the first swaps will be really successful (and to improve my martyr status).
Everything on Flutterbye is FREE.  It's full of great classes and tutorials and nifty people.  and it costs you nothing.  So go there now and sign up.  Scroll down a wee bit the see the groups.  Join the Art Swap group.  I'll be so happy.  Our first swap is postcards.  It'll be fun.

Another ridiculous thing I did:
I signed up for an art swap involving altered stuffed animals.  I kid you not.  This is so not me.  There was no paint or paper involved.  And I don't sew.  But how hard can it be?  It took forever, but it was crazy fun and worth the 5,000,000 pin pricks I suffered.  Hopefully I was able to remove all the blood stains.

I started out with these four beauties from the thrift store.
 I ripped their seams and gutted them.
 I reassembled the pieces into this super mutant.
 below is the rear view of his cape
 and here's a close up of the face only a mother could love.

But wait, I've saved the best for last.
The most ridiculous thing I've done lately happened today, quite spontaneously.  It's school vacation week here in Massachusetts, which means my job shifts into "camp" mode.
One of today's activities was a relay race in which our young participants had to move like animals (rabbit, cat, monkey or snake) down the length of the gym and back.  One team's "snake" balked at the idea of dragging her white t-shirt across the gym floor, so which 44 year old decided to volunteer?  Yup.
I'm really glad there's no photographic evidence of me command-crawling .  We can all just pretend I looked as hot as her:
and if you never hear from me again it's because I was unable to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

But I digress.
I'd like to thank my dad for instilling in me the belief that pretty much anything can be figured out through trial and error (and lots of swearing).  Where I am lacking in his plumbing and electrical skills, I make up for in spirit.  And swearing.  Did I mention the swearing?
Since I don't have a picture of the day we installed my new garbage disposal and broke a piece of PVC pipe with hammer, I will leave you with this much more heartwarming action shot in which we pretend we haven't spent a half hour cursing the #%$& Christmas tree and it's complicated system of "pre-strung" lights.

(thanks, Dad!)

Stay tuned for my next post in which I have my head examined for signing up for FOUR MORE swaps that are due in the next two weeks.
How hard can it be?


  1. Again----- just spit out a mouthful of coffee. You crack me up. Your stuffed mutant, is AWESOME. Frickin' talent!

  2. Of course Millicent is drinking coffee -- but I agree!So funny - good luck with the swaps and swearing...

  3. I bet you looked *just* like that commando chick up there. Sewing gets easier the more you do it. Maybe this is your gateway project?

  4. That mutant is so ugly,he's ..... uh, interesting. :) I have to say, that was an interesting swap to tackle. I just signed up for a bunch of swaps at swap-bot myself and am scrambling to fill paper and p/c swaps, but of course, I'll be signing up for yet another one - YOURS. I actually read about Flutterbye on someone else's blog this morning and signed up & noticed your happy smile in the members list. :)

  5. You crack me up. I am prone to go swap crazy as well. Love the little mutant. I just have to laugh and smile at 'em.

  6. you are so freaking funny :)))))) and I love your new mutant-baby, how gorgeous and kissable ;) I would have never done this challenge to the end... I am soo not in sewing !!!

  7. That mutant is the stuff of nightmares....haha! But I am just so impressed you did it! You go girl!

    You are crazy, nuts, beyond help....super cool and uber it's fine.....don't worry, you're also not alone....we are all mad here ;P

    Wish I could swear more....I only do it now when I'm angry...and it freaks my Husband out....haha!

    K, I will swing by Flutterbye tonite...pinky promise :)

  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO! LOL! Oh my. LOL some more. You slipped your tether, didn't you? LOL! I hope those are udders and not eyes. LOL! Oh, my. Laffing so hard, the cats ran.

    Can't stop scrolling up. If I have nightmares . . . LOL. Sorry. Hahahahaha! Oh spit!

  9. LOL I agree. Are you sure Steve Martin doesn't live inside you somewhere? Your altered stuffed animal is freakin brilliant. I will say it was a bit disconcerting to see the gutted innards all over the place. Is there such a thing as a stuffed animal abbatoire? But, so great and you are never one to sit around and wait for stuff to happen, so matyr status it will have to remain...xox

  10. For not being a seamstress, that is pretty darn amazing!! My personal favorite "parts" are the eyes...

  11. okay you get the badge for most amazing person, realy i love those stuffed animals, and that you are the host of the swap at amy's, i love her site, so easy going, no drama, free is good to

  12. Wow, you are a glutton for punishment aren't you? You're my hero, I'd be in a fetal position under a table somewhere if I were committed to so much! But I have no doubt you'll make it through just fine. And I must say, I LOVE your mutant. It looks like something you'd pay a fortune for in a specialty store...

  13. I am loving your recreated creature and the fact that you convinced yourself through the whole process of recreating three creatures into one. Not sure that I have your patience, but love your honest result.
    be well my mail art friend,

  14. I just had to laugh. You answered the question you posted in your artwork from the last post. What will you do next? I'm imagining the reconfigured stuffed animal and the snake crawl. So, I think it was a fair question!

  15. Oh my gosh - this is so funny! I absolutely love your creature (especially the eye-"balls"! Ha!)

    You are so great... seriously.


  16. Oh I can't tell you how much I love that soft toy creation! :)

    he just inspires happiness.

  17. you martyr(:

    i think your martyr status is pretty high right now with the success of the swaps group!

    nice job!


  18. I'm trying to stop laughing in between my lovely spring allergy wheezes and coughs....! Love YOUR slinky photo, and glad to hear one more gal out there hasn't had the swear words washed out of her vocab. I couldn't #*%&@)* survive without them :D

  19. Love the mutant soft toy. I keep wondering what kind of child one would give it to! What's his name - I think he looks like a Harold. (oops, sorry to all the Harold's out there).